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Zibo restaurants of varying quality inferior tissue paper machine toilet paper towels harmful to the body
Napkins on the table is an essential matter, however, some small snack shops, napkins snack stalls to provide customers with quality but people worrying. Recently, public Wang told reporters reflect his store to eat dumplings at a time, napkins stores offer very poor quality,  tissue paper machine can store said the store only this napkin, and the customer never too picky. Reporter then found that for customers Cazui restaurants of varying quality paper towels, napkins and net sales price of more than 1 yuan / bag. To remind the industry, poor quality toilet paper hidden in the body of harmful substances, not long-term use.

â–¡ For the sake of security many women own napkins
tissue paper machine
Wang said when reporters came dumplings shop found folded napkin on a square on the floor at the entrance, tissue housed in a transparent plastic bag, did not have any identification on the bag. The reporters found that most of them come here to eat the old customers, many customers after the door to take on a stack of paper towels at the door, wipe with a paper towel after taking a seat to the table. When a reporter contact the store there is no other tissue, stores the answer really consistent with the answer to Wang. "This is the only." This reporter saw several ladies bring their own napkins, and a lady wipes out directly, give themselves and their children and wiped his hands began to eat. "I have to bring their own towels and give you some use." In the store you want to hear a reporter with better quality paper towels rejected, the lady next door seat to reporters, handing me her own particular brand of paper towels.

Subsequently, the reporter saw several nearby eateries, most women were carrying paper towels used for tissue stores offer them, they said, "we should be very poor quality."

â–¡ calculating the cost of small restaurants they only low prices

In some selling spicy string, fried rice, fried noodles small shop, the reporter also saw a similar poor quality paper towels. Owner, said tissue is online shopping, price is very low, a large bag of only 1 yuan. Although this tissue quality is not very good, but after all he is doing small business. Napkin consumption is very large, in order to save money, only to buy cheap low-quality paper.

Taobao reporter saw many stores are selling the poor quality toilet paper, names varied, and some even have no brand name, not to mention sanitation associate the word, and the production date of the implementation of standards. Such toilet paper price is very low, the reporter asked several sellers, mostly mostly wholesale seller said out of paper less than 1 yuan / bag, a good number of 1.5 yuan / bag, web only 0.8 yuan / roll. When asked whether the eligibility tissue, most sellers said, "it will not get sick with, and provide good tissue you will definitely lose the hotel opened."

â–¡ expressly provides: Disabled toilet paper instead of napkins for consumers to use

It is understood, napkins, also known as paper towel, including facial tissue, can be used to wipe her face; toilet tissue is common and can not be used to wipe her face. Both in the use of a significant difference, so napkins and toilet paper on raw materials, hygiene standards, quality standards are significantly different. Napkin to wipe your mouth with a tissue or of poor quality, it is easy to eat on top of harmful substances into the stomach. tissue paper machine  Reporters learned that health indicators napkin strict requirements, there should be health permits, must not contain pathogens. Now a lot of low-quality paper towels sold in the wholesale market, not only bacteria levels, and some also add bleach, fluorescent agent.

From July 2002, "disinfection management approach" issued by the Ministry of Health on the provisions of:. "Prohibit the use of toilet paper instead of napkins for consumers to use" Yet 10 years later, the status quo is still worrying.