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Yunnan a driver with a tissue block the plate sentenced tissue paper machine fined 200 yuan deducted 12 points
CNR network Baoshan May 26 news (reporter Li Tengfei correspondent segment Xiaodong) someone with a CD-ROM block the plate, it was with wedding stickers block the plate, even someone with leaves block the plate. May 25 morning,  tissue paper machine Baoshan Changning County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron cloud security police seized the truck driver deliberately block the plate along with traffic violations, block the plate but it is a toilet.
tissue paper machine
When the morning, Chang Yun County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police protection is Bao Dai line duty to carry out the road and found a front license plate vague medium blue dump truck was blocked with a piece of paper, then stopped to check and I found the car driver Lin actually put a license plate on the front group stick toilet paper and block the entire front license plate. Lin traffic violations after police seized, Lin confessed himself along the way in order to avoid electronic surveillance, listened to a friend's idea to use toilet paper stuck to the plate, did not expect or be police found.

Eventually, the police on duty according to law violations Lin deliberately block the plate, tissue paper machine given a fine of 200 yuan and deducted 12 points penalty.