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Yuncheng play man in the morning tissue paper machine Scarecrow stealing toilet paper socks were not spared
According to Shandong Agricultural television broadcast channel "hotline villages" reported recently, Yuncheng County Public Security Bureau police station received a series of Guo village than people report, said the burglary at night. Lost items large electric tricycle, small toilet paper, socks clothing. Alarm, the police immediately and obtain a crime scene monitoring,   tissue paper machine  found that several cases are two moves in "Scarecrow" dry.
Reporters saw from the monitoring, the two suspects would be carrying a row of pre-bundled good corn stalks, when there is monitoring, it will be illuminated with a flashlight toward a few sight disturb monitor, and then to use corn stalks blocking their own, the two one after the other, went to monitor the following carry a ladder, poke monitor, followed by implementation of the theft.tissue paper machine
Because the lack of effective monitoring information from the incident, the police decided to expand the scope of the investigation so that when the transfer of Zhao Zheng Louxiang camp gate, Yuan Village of video surveillance, police found a time period before and after each incident, two people have similar characteristics with the suspect came by. Therefore, the police determine where the thieves committing the crime should come to go through the route.
Determine the lane track suspects after the crime before the police decided to adopt the way Dunshou ambush, waiting for the suspect committing the crime again when they fell swoop.
After ten days of squatting, and finally in April 20 of about 23:20, the police until the chance of the suspect committing the crime again.
Guo Tun police station introduced at the time of 3:00 or so, the police found a ride electric tricycle, stepped forward to ask, the man began to run, the police finally arrested the suspect.
The suspects were arrested when returning from the implementation of the theft, he was riding a tricycle and car items are stolen.
Shao said the suspect, no one will try to find a house, and then find a home with electric vehicles,  
tissue paper machine   the first electric car to steal, and then go home to steal something that nobody put everything on electric vehicles On one away.