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Yuhu industry and commerce seized a toilet tissue paper machine paper and selling counterfeit dens seized 451
June 16, Yuhu Branch Trade and Industry announced together selling cases. After in-depth follow-up survey, sand ridge of industry and commerce Tan Heng Road 9 successful sale of counterfeit seized a "breeze" brand paper products business unit,  tissue paper machine site seized counterfeit "breeze" brand toilet paper 451, involving nearly 50,000 yuan.
tissue paper machine
Since last September, the city appeared a large number of fake Gold Hongye Paper Group's "breeze" brand toilet paper. After receiving reports from the public, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers sand ridge immediately joint manufacturers, conducted in-depth follow-up survey, and finally locked the wholesale dens located.

Depending on the exact clues already mastered, at 10:00 on June 9, the sand ridge all industrial and commercial law enforcement officers and Zhao Tan industrial and commercial law enforcement officers dispatched, arrived on the 9th warehouse Xiaomou Xiang Heng Road, the scene seized a large stock of "Breeze" brand toilet paper. The field identification, "breeze" brand B03C and BOOGJK two varieties of the warehouse storing toilet paper are counterfeit products. Law enforcement officers immediately detained 451 suspected of infringing a registered trademark of the paper stock,  tissue paper machine  and the sampling and seal up their sales of the other six varieties of "breeze" brand toilet paper. According to the parties explain, these toilet paper is purchased from Changsha.

The case is under investigation.