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Workers Self-Test create dregs tissue paper machine cut paper depends on feeling
 tissue paper machine
  Workshop no quality control to be "qualified"
    March 17, the reporter arrived at the old mountain village Datong District Industrial Park visited that tissue paper machine that says "De Yong Paper Source" on the door of the factory, is Lee Paper Manufacturing Co.
    Reporters followed a truck into the factory, came to a similar warehouse plant, plant stood a large number of memory tissue paper machine. The paper is about one meter in diameter, about two meters tall, cylindrical, outer sealed with a layer of plastic packaging. Some already lay next to mention toilet rolls packed, marked with "German source forever," the words.
    Subsequently, the reporter went to another workshop. The workshop, the workers are the cylindrical tissue paper machine re-packing, packing process is through the paper re-winding machine in a small shaft diameter of each small shaft of about 10 cm, and then the small axis of the base paper cut into segments like.
    After cutting, the roll will go directly to the packing table tissue paper machine from the top of the line, several workers wearing rubber gloves, will cut down the rolls and a green card into the bag. After the reporter approached noted that the card turned out to be "certification."