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Woman doctor tinnitus hearing loss caused by the Department of moldy tissue tissue paper machine blocking the ear canal eardrum congestion
(Reporter correspondent Wang Chunlan gold static) walk, speak, there is always "duang ~ duang ~" sound ear to the hospital to know, 10 days ago fell into the ear plugs ear tissue, mildew.
Ma, 60, has recently been ringing in the ears, tissue paper machine speak belated, hearing also declined. Recently, Ms. Ma went to the Yangtze River shipping always busy hospital.
tissue paper machine
Hospital ENT doctor Victor 珆 examination found that Ma has regiment gray ear canal foreign body, remove it, was actually a group already moldy towels.
Ma then remember, 10 days ago and his family to bathing clubs, she was afraid of the water ears, specially tore some tissue stuffed, was probably the legacy of a small part of the right ear hang. Since then, Ma daily bath are Taoer Duo with a cotton swab, the result will poke deep into the ear canal tissue, under long-term friction, Ma ear swelling, eardrum congestion, do not treat it may cause eardrum perforation, infection paper balls metamorphism causing otitis media, and even lead to intracranial infection.
Victor 珆 introduced summer approaching, many people also like stuffed toilet paper when swimming. In fact, this is very dangerous, we recommend using waterproof earplugs,tissue paper machine