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Woman after woman produced rooftop tissue paper machine afraid to leave the baby crying towel stuffed in his mouth
Working girl on suspicion of manslaughter, surrendered her boyfriend under advice

Said  but 21-year-old Shaanxi people Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) was alone in her abandoned after its birth in the roof, for fear the baby crying sound interesting, she will rub group tissue stuffed in child's mouth . Then, the baby's body was found. Yesterday, on suspicion of intentional homicide, Xiaoyu stood in the dock Xishan District of Wuxi City People's Court of the Tribunal. Yesterday, the Court did not in court for sentencing. Modern Express reporter Xue Sheng

Abandoned out of fear just gave birth to a child

March 22 this year, Xiaoyu, is a contrite for her unforgettable day life. That night, I feel stomach pain to be produced Xiaoyu, a man came to the roof of a high-rise near the rental, helpless, she gave birth to a baby girl in between pipes. The daughter did not suddenly come to Xiaoyu surprise, but let her know what to do together. She will start her on a rooftop machine room door on the ground, after feeling too much wind and took her daughter in a corner.

As she left, her daughter's wails letting her off the back, but was not taken away her daughter wanted a change of heart, but the fear of children crying sound to get attention, balled paper towels stuffed in child's mouth. Thereafter, Xiaoyu had never returned to the roof to see the newborn daughter. March 31, the baby's body was found, was identified as mechanical asphyxia and death.

"If the (time) can turn the clock back, I want (daughter) she gave good-hearted people adopt." Yesterday in court, has his head down Xiaoyu few words, a judge, prosecutor, lawyer's question, she often only "yes", "ah" and other limited words to answer.

But when asked why did cruel to abandon her at the time of the roof, tears Xiaoyu said she did not know at the time why this is so, is that fear, if everything can be repeated, good-hearted people she wanted to find a home for her daughter for adoption. In the interview, Stephanie said she was out of work, in addition to support themselves, or trying to make money to find his brother. It turned out that 10 years ago,tissue paper machine  Xiaoyu brother about 10 years old when he disappeared since the bad relationship between the parents, the father fell seriously ill, which gave her a great psychological shadow left after school, she began to go out side working side tracing.

He had taken the abortion drug abortion minors

tissue paper machine
Wuxi to the previous work, Xiaoyu had had a boyfriend and was pregnant in June and July last year, then they know now Xiaoyu boyfriend Aaron (not his real name) and soon became lovers. At first Xiaoyu just want to knock her unborn child, but Aaron mistakenly thought the fetus was his own, he tried to stop. In the meantime, Xiaoyu also want to take abortion drug abortion, but without success, until March 22 this year at the rooftop own birth daughter.

Thereafter, Aaron also asked Xiaoyu fetal matter and was told had come to the hospital abortions, but could not get Xiaoyu has been proved abortive. Later, Aaron heard about dead babies found near the rental rooftop things, asked to find Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu this to tell him the truth. Think twice, at Aaron's persuasion, Xiaoyu on April 1 surrendered to the police.

Yesterday in court, Xiaoyu's sister, her boyfriend were court to participate as observers.  tissue paper machine  Xiaoyu sister cried excitedly, such a thing happened, I do not know how to explain to parents at home, others deplore sister. Yesterday, the case is no court ruling, the court said it would select a sentencing date.