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Wipe with a paper towel tableware opened seven tissue paper machine kinds of food hygiene Mistakes
White paper bag with food

Some people like to use white paper bag food, because it looks like a white clean. But in fact, the White in the production process, many with chemical raw materials will increase with the corrosive effect of the bleaching agent, the pulp even after rinsing the filter, still contains a lot of chemical composition, will contaminate food. As for the newspaper to wrap food, it is more desirable, because when print newspapers, will use a lot of ink or other toxic substances harmful to human health.

Disinfect dishes with wine

Some people used to clean dishes liquor, thinking that it can achieve the purpose of disinfection. As everyone knows, the medicine used to disinfect the alcohol content of 75 °, and the alcohol content is generally more liquor at 56 ° or less, and the liquor is not the same medical alcohol. So, wipe the dishes with white wine, impossible to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Rag cleaning is not timely

Experiments show that the use of the new rag after a week at home, the breeding of bacteria will surprise you; if in a restaurant or food stalls, the situation will be even worse. Therefore, before wiping the table with a rag, it should be thoroughly washed. Rag every thirty-four days with boiling water disinfection should look, in order to avoid improper use rags to health harm.

Wipe with toilet paper tableware

Tests proved that a lot of toilet paper (especially non-regular manufacturers of toilet paper) disinfection situation is not good, the toilet paper because sterilization is not complete and contain a lot of bacteria; even better disinfection, toilet paper will be in place in the process of being contaminated. So,  tissue paper machine wipe the dishes or fruit with ordinary toilet paper, not only can not be wiped clean food, but will in the process of wiping the food to bring more opportunities for contamination.
tissue paper machine
Wipe dry with a towel or fruit dishes

People tend to think water is the raw water, unsanitary, so after rinsed with tap water or fruit dishes, often then towel dry. This appears to health care, but in fact the contrary. Notice, on a dry towel often survive many germs. At present, China's urban water, most rigorous disinfection, so that with detergent and water thoroughly purged food is basically clean, safe to eat, do not wipe with a dry towel.

The boiled before eating rotten food

Some relatively thrifty housewives, sometimes slight deterioration of the food cooked at high temperature and then eat, thinking that it would wipe out the bacteria. Medical experiments show that the bacteria enter the body before the secretion of toxins, is very high temperature, it can not easily be destroyed to decompose. Therefore, this method heating method for processing surplus food is not desirable.

Gouge out the rotten part of the fruit to eat

Some people eat fruit, used to cut a portion of rotten fruit to eat, thinking that it would compare the health of the. However, microbiology experts believe: even if the fruit is rotten part slashing top remaining part has been passed by the juice of the metabolites of bacteria, microbes and even begin to reproduce,  tissue paper machine in which mold can lead to human cell mutation cancer. Therefore, as long as the fruit is already rotten part, not should eat, or throw away as well.