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Why kids love to chew tissue paper machine toilet paper
Gansu reader Ma Q: My son is 14 years old, middle grades. 8 years old habit of biting occurs,  tissue paper machine is promptly corrected. Two years ago, we found that when he secretly chewing toilet paper homework. Our children relatively strict requirements, but do not fight do not curse. Children outgoing, with a good relationship with the teacher and classmates. I ask why he would chew toilet paper?
tissue paper machine
Shandong Province Mental Health Association Counseling Treatment Center psychiatrist Bob liter ANSWER: biting, the mouth desire disorder chew period (birth to a year and a half) is not fully met performance. Many parents too much about health, children perceive the world with the mouth sensitive period, prohibit its sucking fingers, spoons, toys, etc., so that children feel the frustration and insecurity. Academic stress-induced anxiety can lead to symptoms of mouth For not fully meet again. Help counselors recommend formal institutions, look for cause symptoms of stress events, conducted trauma management.

The most important change should parents begin to guide their children understand their own strengths and weaknesses, to learn who explore relaxed attitude. May try to "touch therapy": the election of a child is dependent on the parents, the child sitting beside bedtime side, with the palm from the spine at the warm,  tissue paper machine gently touching down from the child's back, and with a gentle language Tell your child that he is safe, the parents love him, love him because he is a parent's child, not because of academic performance.