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Who first used the toilet paper tissue paper machine Chinese people
Stone also can be made of paper

Super experience under the guidance of teachers, tissue paper machine  children and parents with waste newspapers, copy paper and recycled paper ads were produced. Make a variety of paper materials, mainly plant fibers and non-plant fibers, such as larch, straw, bamboo, cotton, and we make use of recycled waste paper and the like.
tissue paper machine
With the development of technology, paper stone can do it, it is a stone paper. Rock paper limestone mineral resources as the main source of polymer as the materials the use of polymer chemistry and polymer modified interface features, after special treatment, using a polymer extrusion, blow molding process made . Not only low cost, but also eco-friendly.

Stone paper can also be used for writing, printing, but also for our shopping bags, bags. Maybe you have a rock paper around!

Hair thinner than the thinnest paper

How thick piece of paper? We usually use the paper between 70-80 microns. So what is the thinnest paper? How thick is it?

Currently known thinnest gold foil paper, it burned to ashes even thinner than a sheet of paper, the thickness of less than 0.12 microns, but also a lot thinner than a hair.

Making gold foil, is the specialty of the traditional process, legend has two thousand years of history, the production of gold foil with gold content of 99.99% gold bullion as the main raw material, of polyester, hammering, cutting foil, and a dozen road special processing step.

Gold foil such a premium, it is not to write. It is mainly used in architectural, pharmaceutical and food industries. Life more common foil dinner, wine, gold, gold sugar.

There shelf paper

Made possible through the ancient parchment book, become collection. We live paper is not to be long-term preservation of it?

We generally use paper that there is no shelf life, of course, stored too long, the paper will reduce the toughness, easy to break. But specially treated paper products have the shelf life of annotations. Such as toilet paper, more than shelf-life to become "no toilet paper" the.

Toilet paper the whole production process is done at high temperatures. Regular brand of toilet paper in general, will be marked on the packaging production date and shelf life, it is the national product identification explicitly specified. Typically, in a dry, well ventilated storage conditions, general toilet paper shelf life is 2-3 years, such as carbonless paper, thermal printing paper, but also shelf life.

Chinese were the first to use toilet paper

We mentioned above the toilet paper used in daily life, the children know that the first toilet paper which country the first to use it?

As early as appeared in the paper and cheap enough to be used to wipe dirty before, people used to clean up after using the toilet materials include water, cloth, leaves, corn cobs, wood and bamboo tablets (toilet chips).

In China, the earliest record found in the Northern and Southern dirty paper swab. "Yuan Shi" Biography III contains the element margin wife were extremely filial piety in-laws, her mother Zhao Rui-serve Queen St. (the police must Queens) "separated left and right, to muddy toilet paper drawn up to face rub,  tissue paper machine so soft to enter."

It turned out that the use of toilet paper habits from China, Tang Dynasty on the rise. Toilet paper material was varied, kings and nobles even as toilet paper or silk with rice paper. But modern toilet paper wrinkles are born in the United States.