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Wet wipes containing tissue paper machine propylene glycol or cause skin irritation Doctor: Infant less
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Schilling Fuzhou is about health, often with a damp towel for his 1 year old baby towel to wipe your mouth, convenient and clean feel. Recently, however, she saw a circle of friends in the micro-letter circulating this statement, "A lot of wet tissue all contain ingredients such as propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a low toxicity chemical solvents, towels if long-term with a damp towel, come get something to eat, It can cause toxic substances into the gastrointestinal tract, wiping will cause skin allergies in infants and young children. " She was a bit worried. Doctors, propylene glycol, or cause the baby skin allergies, after using wipes, and other hand did the best refeeding.

Paper towels Enterprise: Propylene glycol role moisturizing, antibacterial

Yesterday, in order to verify the online statement, the reporter went to Waring Road Xinhua supermarket, see the supermarket which sells four kinds of brand wet wipes, which has two-containing propylene glycol. The heart of India's sanitary wipes, dry Pinot oil wipes all contain propylene glycol, and the other two Vida sanitary wipes and wipes the curious absence of the ingredients, wipes prices are more than 5 yuan. Reporters observed the heart of India wipes packaging, did not see the hidden dangers such as online said reminded reporters asked the supermarket staff, the other replied, "wipes it clean is the water and paper, how poisonous?"

Why you want to add glycol wipes? Yesterday, reporters to produce wet tissue Heng Paper Co. personnel to verify, according to reports, adding propylene glycol first, to moisture, another reason is antibacterial. Because the torn packaging, will not yet run out of wipes and air contact, if no measures are taken, airborne bacteria is easy to breed in wet tissue surface. The antimicrobial activity of propylene glycol have to be able to slow down the speed of the wipes bacteria. "Basic is non-toxic, or assuredly we can not add."

Doctor: Not recommended best wash their hands with a wet paper towel

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the skin disease prevention and treatment hospital in Fuzhou'm a doctor, she said, if adding propylene glycol to the food and beverage, high intake of the case, can cause kidney dysfunction. In  tissue paper machine addition, 5% of people with primary skin irritation, especially for children's delicate skin irritation will be greater.

Dr. Lin suggested that many mothers are accustomed to the children continue to use wipes, that it will sterilize, but some children will be placed in the mouth to chew wipes, or immediately with finger foods, may indirectly intake of propylene glycol, which are less desirable, "after using wipes, and other children the best hands dry, and then eat." And the clinic is not recommended wipes, the best way is to use hand hygiene cleanup soap, hand sanitizer after using mobile water wash their hands.