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Washing with dryer studies have shown equal to tissue paper machine the white towels the most hygienic wipes
A new study has pointed out that the toilet with a paper towel towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands. In contrast, the dryer easier spread of bacteria, not only unsanitary, but also make the people around infected.

According to reports, there is concern that the bacteria spray dryer can be up to 0.9  tissue paper machine meters from the ground, its highly positive and stood beside the dryer child consistent height, it was reported that the most modern and powerful jet drying Machine discharged liquid and bacteria range radiation to 1.5 meters. It will use the dryer to improper cleaning, then the hands become contaminated microorganisms such as E. coli and salmonella. Previous studies have also pointed out that people in the toilet, the average per square foot on each hand (about 0.093 m2) with 200 million bacteria, hands with the bacteria can infect the bacteria to the surface of the object at least 5, or 14 other objects.
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British researchers have attempted to study harm to the dryer drying hands ejected bacteria. They are on paper towels, textiles towel rolls, warm air dryers and jet dryers quiz and test the use of acid indicators lemon juice, yeast test and verify the number of bacteria in these three methods for testing. The researchers found that, compared to other hand drying methods, jet dryers most likely to be in the hands of a liquid spray, radiation range up to 1.5 meters. Compared to 59.5 degrees from the colony at the jet dryer recent paper towels an average of only 2.2 colonies; and at a distance of 1.5 m jet dryer range, the researchers found that 11.5 colonies, and in the distance with a tissue towels found no colonies.

The study commissioned by the European organization of seminars, also use the dryer when the height of the spread of germs conducted a survey, the researchers found that the maximum range of bacteria spread of 0.6 meters from the ground next to 0.9 m, and dryer child's face highly consistent position. So the researchers point out, in order to prevent children being infected, parents should let children away from the dryer exhausts. University of Westminster study leader Dr. Keith Lei dewei said, "These studies clearly show that all the way to dry hands, use a paper towel is the most hygienic. Cross infection is a public washroom public health hazard. extent jet dryer bacteria spread to the surrounding environment may provide some policy guidance to persons responsible so that they stadium,  tissue paper machine  airport and even schools and hospitals rational allocation of jet dryer. "