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Village hospital is now suspected of tissue paper machine toilet paper wrapped bullet village election
China Daily Xianyang (Reporter Ma Xinbin) children picked up on the inside of their doors roll of toilet paper, opened it, wrapped inside a 8 cm long bullets, the paper also says "View village Congratulations" message. This makes dry  tissue paper machine county town Xue Jing recorded a one both worried and angry. At present, the police in the investigation.
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King is a record of a dry town Xue County community west wall warburg who previously has served as the village head. He said that on May 25 at 6 pm, 10-year-old son to go to school when the floor inside the door to the house to pick up a roll of toilet paper. I feel the hard toilet paper, son they opened it, found it wrapped in a bullet. Son did not have to inform the adults, but the toilet paper and bullets quietly hiding. Until the day after the dinner, he said his son was picked up bullet.

View some said at the time that he was shocked. So that he was more surprised that the bullets wrapped in toilet paper is also written with a ballpoint pen, "King mayor, I congratulate you." He speculated that the bullet could be someone from the middle of the night to sneak under the door into the past. "Clearly is someone to threaten me." King said angrily in a currently ongoing in the village committee election, the family was sure the plug bullet relating to this matter.

After the incident, to the scene of a local police station the police. King said a "site inspection after the police said that the bullet is 一枚 military rifle bullets, a full 8 cm length." Dry county public security bureau police said that the current case has been transferred from the police station tissue paper machine to the county bureau of Interpol team is seize detected.