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Use of toilet paper toilet paper method can tissue paper machine not be used six kinds of places
1, do not take raw paper when the diaper. Some parents will use toilet paper pad under the buttocks in infants, especially when taking a trip pad more, resulting in a lot of baby skin rashes, some children still crying may be itchy. Terrible rash adults saw children immediately went looking for dermatology research experts, who do not know the result padded toilet opened a lot of food and wipe,  tissue paper machine and even fluids.

2, when the cold runny bought a little time to spend as much toilet paper to wipe his nose, said to be clean, can not rub, because rubbing will stop the damage to the skin and mucous membranes, can cause nose and mouth infections, sore biological or yellow water. Right soiled and clean and not clean.
tissue paper machine
3, can not use ordinary toilet paper as napkins. This is the most important one, take a look at the ins and outs of toilet paper you probably do not want to use.

4, do not rub the eye with a tissue. Of course, we never mention recovery of recycled toilet paper here, there are pure wood pulp paper, the paper of course much better, but more expensive, but not in every household.

5, with toilet paper wiping glasses, that's a bad habit of many young people, because of toilet paper in a class of minerals containing calcium, often rubbing will hurt the lens, loss of transparency, particularly in resin lens is absolutely no friction all of a sudden be able to rub the flowers.

6, a small wound small mouth or large wounds simple packet should be protected prior to the hospital or do a simple dressing, clean towels available local materials and other linen shirt or cap about no toilet paper can protect the wound, tissue paper machine so that both wounds and pollution it is difficult to remove the toilet paper.