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Urine with a paper towel to wipe tissue paper machine privates will get in vaginitis
Wipe with a paper towel after urination will get into the private parts of vaginitis Source:

Private part of a woman's body is most vulnerable parts of the body,  tissue paper machine must be carefully protected, and vaginitis in women the most common form of inflammatory disease, cause of vaginitis there are a lot of urine with a paper towel to wipe the genitals is one reason why. Experts advise, wipe with a paper towel after urinating privates will get in vaginitis. Here experts bring us together.
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The more bacteria, the more paper towels to wipe

In fact, the life of most women can not do without toilet paper toilet. However, this self-righteous love clean, hygiene habits, but just as a potential risk factor for the disease. Now a lot of toilet paper are recycled paper, which has a lot of bacteria, such as E. coli, H. Luo, Shigella, etc. Too often the vulva with a paper towel, bacteria can easily travel and breed in the vagina, when the bacteria reach a certain number, it may lead to vaginitis or vulvitis.

Experts advise that women in particular do not use a public toilet outside, because such tissue is usually of poor quality, the bacteria are more likely to cause particular vaginitis. In addition, many people will put some toilet paper in his pocket for a rainy day. And either directly or packaged into tissues, as long as after opening, are easily contaminated with bacteria. Thus, in a few days to put toilet paper in his pocket, the better not to vulva.

- Do not use after urinating

If you do not have toilet paper, how to do it after that urine? Experts, tissue paper machine  incidental use impact is not big, but not hard, just press a few on the line. In fact, the better approach is to do nothing after urinating, because women are changing almost every day, after the diet will not feel uncomfortable, but healthier, cleaner.