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Urination tissue paper machine wipe with a paper towel susceptible vaginitis
Many women have this habit, it will wipe the genitals with toilet paper after urinating, seemingly hygiene practices actually hidden a lot of health risks. But if the toilet unsanitary, tissue paper machine   make women more likely to suffer from vaginitis.

The more bacteria, the more paper towels to wipe

Life most women can not do without toilet paper toilet. However, this self-righteous love clean, hygiene habits, but just as a potential risk factor for gynecological diseases. Now a lot of toilet paper are recycled paper, which has a lot of bacteria, such as E. coli, H. Luo, Shigella, etc. Too often wipe with a paper towel vulva, bacteria can easily stay and breed in the vagina, when the bacteria reach a certain number, it may lead to vaginitis or vulvitis.
tissue paper machine
Experts advise that women in particular do not use a public toilet outside, because such tissue is usually of poor quality, the bacteria are more likely to cause particular vaginitis. In addition, many people will put some toilet paper in his pocket for a rainy day. And either directly or packaged into tissues, as long as after opening, are easily contaminated with bacteria. Thus, in a few days to put toilet paper in his pocket, it is best not to wipe the vulva.

- Do not use after urinating

If you do not wipe toilet paper, how to do it after that piss? Experts, the occasional use of the impact is not big, but not hard to clean, just press a few on the line. In fact, the best way is to do nothing after urinating, because women almost every change underwear every day, after the diet will not feel uncomfortable, but healthier, cleaner.

The above description of the female genitals paper to wipe after urinating harm,  
tissue paper machine   hoping to arouse the attention of a female friend, promptly wiped is a good health habits after urination, the key is to select qualified and safe toilet paper.