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Unannounced visits to feed paper napkin tissue paper machine factory floor workers hand roll package
Legal Evening News saying "disease from the mouth", napkin as a thing in direct contact with the mouth, in the production and processing sectors must pay strict attention to health issues. Recently, a reader to "Legal Evening News" report, called a "clean snow," the napkin in the production process workers do not wear gloves, masks, and no ultraviolet disinfection measures, and the rolled stock sheet pile directly in the plant On the ground, non-operator can also freely access production and processing workshop.

    According to AQSIQ "disposable sanitary hygiene standards" provisions, napkins production and processing must have separate production areas, production areas should be provided with a front locker room,  tissue paper machine   wash basin, pool disinfection and buffer entering the production area to change clothes, his shoes, hat wearing masks, and wash and disinfect your hands.

    Reporter survey found that clean napkin and processing sectors Price poor sanitary conditions, and by a large number of wholesale sales to each restaurant to use.
tissue paper machine
    Napkins outsiders casually into processing zones

    Before the Spring Festival, Liu reader to zhugangzi village located in Fangshan District of Beijing clean snow Zhizhipinchang (hereinafter referred to as the clean snow Zhizhipinchang) to visit relatives in this work, did not think directly into the production and processing areas. Led to his surprise, the operation of the workers do not wear masks, gloves, napkins raw materials used for processing paper, stacked directly on the ground.

    Liu will matter to the "Legal Evening News" reporter to report: "I never thought napkins are made out in such health conditions."

    According to Mr. Liu's report, March 2 morning, "Legal Evening News" reporter went to the village of Fangshan District zhugangzi, after pointing village staff to find clean snow Zhizhipinchang, This is a two-story, no door Hanging any signage.

    Reporters from the doorway into the floor, not subject to any block on a napkin into plant production and processing areas. The production and processing area is small, stood three machines,  tissue paper machine    workers are the raw material of paper tape by mechanical embossing, folding, and then manually loaded into printed with the words "clean Snow" large plastic bag. Electric heater for heating tissue in packaging machinery table below, there is a danger of fire.

    According to operating workers introduced a machine process every two minutes can produce a bag of clean Price® napkin bag weighs about 1000 grams.

    For reporters outsiders appear on a napkin production and processing, and the operation site workers are not surprised, no one came forward to stop.

    Reporters asked about the operation site workers, operatives person, often a stranger to the production and processing areas to find people, things, the factory has not allowed outsiders to enter the provisions of the production and processing areas.