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Trojan tissue paper making machine four characteristics of ink away
  tissue paper making machine
  Trojan was founded in October 2014 Trojan food safety grade packaging removable tissue paper making machine has been to demand safe packaging, to prevent ink chemicals affect human health, but also the efforts of advocacy to people the concept of health and safety package. Trojan toilet paper packaging market attention to the choice of the highest standard of 17 grams of paper on safety, health, environmental protection, toilet paper, paper and more set in the 120 number, the paper and packaging conditions are used top quality specifications, attention to toilet paper packaging mutatis mutandis food packaging to wrap toilet paper, toilet paper packaging also allows new initiative, and with all those who make a difference Health Paper segment on the packaging.
Industry engaged in hand-sensitive packaging materials business, understand the health hazards of printing inks, this R & D efforts in consumer standpoint, the use of packaging technology ink isolated, tested by SGS, toluene 0 detection, effectively cut off from the printing ink chemicals, so Toilet paper is no longer in contact with the printing ink, the demands of the security package to make toilet paper is more secure because of the patented technology to make toilet paper packaging printed packaging colors more vivid, more beautiful, more pretty, packaging film for PP film, PP recycled into pieces, and then made All kinds of plastic storage containers, etc., for the Earth and conserve resources.
Trojan Food Safety Packing removable toilet paper packaging patented four major feature, "health and safety, environmental protection, aesthetics, hardness stiff" double CPP fit, so that toilet paper is not in direct contact with the toxic chemical inks, printing inks completely isolated chemicals and volatile gases, so that toilet paper making machine is more hygienic and safer. The companies involved in domestic activities display and active participation of women and children, let the children play in the exposure to the product is safe and secure, with safety and health advocacy activities, packaging is important, so that people stay away from chemical hazards invisible environment.