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Toilet paper toilet tissue tissue paper machine irreplaceable
One problem: the quality difference between facial tissues and toilet paper, what is?

Answer: Kleenex and toilet paper on the quality of the main difference is:  tissue paper machine tough tissues generally have wet strength (a paper on behalf of toughness index in a completely wetted condition). Wet toilet paper is generally not allowed to have the toughness to prevent break down easily in the use of paper clogging Health septic tanks.
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Second problem: how to distinguish toilet paper, facial tissue quality is good or bad?

Answer: You can be distinguished from their use. Toilet paper is generally used for the bathroom, the paper requires a certain degree of resistance to break resistance, and water is easy to decompose, will not cause clogged septic tank. Kleenex is generally used to clean hands, face, etc., requiring soft yet not broken, can not decompose faster absorption into confetti.

Question three: on the toilet tissue can replace toilet paper to use it?

Answer: Absolutely not. Because of wet tissues with high toughness difficult to decompose water can cause health Septic pipeline blockage.

Question 4: Why do some paper to wipe her face after face will leave little scraps of paper and capsules?

Answer: The paper is made from fibers interwoven, in the absorption of some water and clean, the link between the fibers is destroyed, it will form a piece of small scraps of paper. Better quality of tissues, has a wet resilience, in normal use, that make you embarrassed not occur.

Question 5: tissue has the shelf life of it?

Answer: Not necessarily. Shelf life is a safe and useful life of products, such as the use of more than this date, its quality can not be guaranteed and may even cause harm, such as food, medicines, film and so on. Paper shelf life, is a manufacturer of a consumer public a highly responsible commitment, only to ensure the health and safety of the production process, the manufacturer dared to commitments made shelf-life.

About Fluorescent brightener

The question: Why do some household paper will add a fluorescent agent?

Answer: Because the use of poor quality  tissue paper machine raw material to manufacture household paper recycling paper can not achieve whiteness norms prescribed by the State, so the production plant by adding a fluorescent brightener to improve whiteness.

Question two: What is fluorescent agents effects on humans?

Answer: medical research in Europe and America pointed out that long-term skin contact with certain fluorescent agents, may cause cancer lesions.

Question three: the white paper is better?

Answer: Without adding fluorescent brighteners, the white paper as possible. And some paper with fluorescent whitening agent carcinogenic ingredients to increase the whiteness of the paper, it may cause damage to the human body.