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Toilet paper tableware more friction tissue paper machine rub dirty five deadly habits must be changed
1, the toilet paper to wipe cutlery and fruit. Many people washing dishes,  tissue paper machine fruit habit wipe with toilet paper, so it is not healthy, because a lot of toilet paper belongs to recycling, sterilization and disinfection is not complete, wipe with toilet paper tableware and fruit it will produce more bacteria.
tissue paper machine
2, dinner medication. Many drugs are marked eating a meal, but it is not let you take medicine immediately after dinner, that would make the drug mixed in food, lack of absorption. The best time to be in a half-hour to one hour after a meal.

3, a cigarette after a meal is better than life. This is totally unjustified. After dinner the body's digestive system will be fully operational, will accelerate blood circulation and body waste discharge. If you then smoking, lung strength to absorb the smoke far more than usual, harmful substances into the respiratory, digestive system.
4, weight loss is to eat. Great bodily injury on a hunger strike to lose weight, the best way is to choose a sport stick to it, weight loss will be successful, do not rebound, can eat all you want.

5, seismic hiding under the bed. Hiding under the bed when the earthquake tissue paper machine  is wrong if hiding under the bed, the bed will damage people pressed in bed, can not escape; correct hunch is close to the bedside.