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Toilet paper shelf life of long-term tissue paper machine accumulation of unsanitary
We have to use toilet paper every day, but it was too much trouble,  tissue paper machine often one-time buy a lot at home hoard, if encountered supermarket promotions, also snapped up. Little do they know there are toilet paper shelf life, the use of expired toilet paper is not conducive to good health.
tissue paper machine
Public Zhang aunt said she bought toilet paper is a buy several to mention, a year or so can be used at home, the toilet paper is now used last summer to buy. Another Chow said he often used to change toilet paper waste paper, so that both save a lot of money, but also with too convenient.

Reporters learned by consulting professionals, according to national standards, the toilet paper packaging should mark the production date and shelf life, shelf life is generally three years. If people buy a critical toilet paper, a lot of hoarding, then easily expired deterioration, mildew,  tissue paper machine health effects after use, so the general public to purchase toilet paper, should pay attention to see the production date. In addition, toilet paper should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place to prevent damp or contaminated, into a "no toilet paper."