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Toilet paper scattered on the highway tissue paper machine forced to stop passing vehicles
Newspaper July 15 (Reporter Lin) 14 pm, when a large truck with a full load of toilet paper to near 135 kilometers at the Green Bank highway, because the rope tied loose cargo, cargo unstable center of gravity from the car Shop rolled down on the road. Since the incident, the ongoing road construction semi-closed after the accident resulting in bidirectional vehicles can not travel normally, road officers had to temporarily stop the construction, tissue paper machine  re-opened the road construction.
tissue paper machine
Around half past eight pm, Weifang Highways brigade received a report on the Green Bank highway at 135 km Jinan direction, a large truck dumping goods on the road, taking up two lanes, hindering the normal passage of vehicles crossing. Highways staff rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm, found a silver semi-trailer license Hebei parked in the emergency lane, the rear of the body, loaded with all kinds of packaging of toilet paper. "The bottom is a box of toilet paper into the pocket of the above." Scene Highways officials said more than half of the semi-trailer toilet paper are falling from the top down, rolling all over the place, filled the lane and the emergency lane.

Highways staff told reporters, according to semi-trailer driver recalled when the goods rolled his normal driving on roads, speed is not fast, suddenly saw in the rearview mirror at the top tractor began rolling stacked bags of toilet paper, do not wait he could react, they found that the goods fall more more. Until he parked the car in the road, pulled a most goods have slipped down, and even toilet paper stacked in cartons also fell down below, a total of about five or six pieces. After examination, the judge may be tied Rope slack cause slipping goods.

Site Highways officials said goods slipped though did not cause accidents, road construction, but due to its location, to rescue a big difficulty. "It was under the direction of Qingdao closed construction, eastbound temporarily merge onto Jinan direction." Highways officials said falling cargo accounted for two lanes, leading to both vehicles can not travel properly. In order to evacuate both cars, road officers coordinating the construction halted temporarily Qingdao direction through the opening, and then assist the main unlucky cargo trailer. About eleven at night, the road to restore flow.

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