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Toilet paper really do tissue paper machine health
Toilet paper is our usual life things used every day, towels to wipe your mouth, cleaning materials, toilet without it. Kind of toilet paper market is now more and more, and sometimes will make people pick dazzled. So we usually use toilet paper,  tissue paper machine paper towels in the end usually used in negative net, can rest assured to use it? Today we will take a look through a set of experiments.

    I believe many people are in the street stalls snack bar or snack eaten, under normal circumstances will be put on the table a small roll of toilet paper, loose texture, this paper you will not use it?
tissue paper machine
    Xi'an citizen: sometimes used, sometimes not. If you did not bring the case of the paper will use.

    Students: generally do not this paper, this paper looks unhealthy, we will bring their own paper.

    Normal life, we often have a square of toilet paper out of paper, paper towel rolls and packets, in addition there is a kind of small rolls roadside stalls. So these hygiene paper in the end how what? Afterward, the reporter with the paper towel rolls and packets of food stalls and roadside reeling in Xi'an, a large supermarket to buy the same brand came Pathogen Biology Laboratory of Immunology, Xi'an Jiaotong University. Intuitively in terms of color and touch feeling, packet of tissue relatively white, soft and smooth, roll it slightly harder, and roadside food stalls reeling obviously black, it feels very rough.

    Next, the experimenters will respectively take three towels for bacterial culture. We named the paper towel packet of paper towels, large rolls of paper 1 package name, street vendors named paper roll 2. Experimenter in three tubes were added to 5 ml of normal saline, to take the same weight three tissue were immersed in three centrifuge tubes oscillate. Soon, you can see the roll 2 into the saline quickly become flocculent, roll 1 presents a slight fluff, and towel paper did not change significantly. Subsequently, the experimenters were removing the same volume of liquid in the three tubes coated in three plate medium, and smooth evenly. In order to ensure accurate and precise three medium, experimenters set up a saline control group, while each of the three samples paper towels, set of experimental data.

    If laboratory assistant Zhang: We now put the samples were placed at 37 degree incubator, and cultured 48 hours to observe the growth of bacteria.

    The results in the end look like it? Three tissue in the end most of which the number of bacteria contained in it? Two days later, the reporter once again came to the laboratory and Pathogen Biology Department of Immunology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and the result is something of a surprise.

    Incubator at 37 degrees in 48 hours after bacterial culture, we can see that no bacteria saline control group, the three tissue samples, small packets of paper towel is the cleanest, three medium altogether He appeared in only a few bacterial colonies.

    Professor of Medicine, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Department of Biology, Immunology and Pathogenic Xu Jiru: This paper towels three board (medium) two long bacteria, on average less than one colony, is basically clean, from the supermarket to buy the rolls, relative for its colonies much more than paper towels, but overall, may still belong to environmental microbiology, individual colonies may be a little hemolysis, but basically nothing much harm.

    So how do the number of bacteria roadside food stalls tissue sample it?

    Professor of Medicine, Immunology and Biology of pathogenic, Xi'an Jiaotong University Xu Jiru: from snack stalls to take the rolls above the colony than in our home with a roll much more, its colonies, there are some hemolytic bacteria exist, there is a certain risk pathogenic, some pathogenic potential, can not say that necessarily cause the disease, but it may have some potential pathogenic role. For normal people, probably not much harm, most still belong to environmental microbiology, but if people in poor health or the frail elderly and the kids, it might have some dangers.

    Xu said, you can clearly see the roadside snack stalls reeling poor hygiene standards by the experimental results usually try not to use.

    Professor of Medicine, Immunology and Biology of pathogenic,  tissue paper machine Xi'an Jiaotong University Xu Jiru: For some frail elderly or infants, or to give attention to, for example, or buy that special baby wipes, especially wipes better, and generally It is appropriate that we use rolls in the toilet, usually as a cleansing or other purposes, we still buy paper towels a bit better, but we have done experiments, disinfection wipes or good, for example, we travel, go out and play with some of the wipes, to eat without washing their hands of time if the conditions, we can use wipes to wipe your hands, the effect is very good.