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Toilet paper purchase tissue paper machine tips
First, we must understand the toilet paper and paper towel are different uses of both products, toilet paper and paper towel may not be used, because the differences between the two health indicators (paper towel health indicators more stringent), both the performance requirements are different,  tissue paper machine such as paper towels Paper requires a certain wet strength, after wiping or rubbing lint-free, not damaged, and toilet paper you do not need this feature, otherwise easily clogged drains. In addition, many toilet paper is made from recycled paper processing, and paper towel will never allow the use of recycled paper to repeat the process. In the purchase of toilet paper, you should note the following:
tissue paper machine
    1, select the brand. In the purchase of toilet paper, to be the first choice of large enterprises, well-known brand products. Second, look at packaging and appearance, the appearance should be soft, clean, on the product packaging shall indicate Executive standard business name, address, telephone, product development, production date, expiry date or shelf life, product quality grade, also marked product specifications sum (weight).

    2, look at the appearance. Good toilet paper wrinkles uniform and delicate, clean paper, small holes. Pure wood pulp paper or native pulp and paper, with evenness, fine wrinkles, can not afford to powder, good intensity and so on. The poor quality of the paper, there are irregular holes and dusting.

    3, see color: white toilet paper is not the more the better, a good product should be natural raw white, although the national standard for toilet paper whiteness upper limit is not specified. But Bai toilet paper, usually caused by adding a fluorescent whitening agent, and a fluorescent whitening agent is harmful to humans. In addition, there are some dark color, white or colored toilet paper are made of waste paper pulp production, this type of low-grade toilet paper, especially women and children are not suitable for use. Of course, from an environmental perspective, the low production of toilet paper or recycled pulp using whiteness, can save energy, reduce the impact on the environment and resources, and a growing number of countries in promoting the use of. As long as the process conditions are right, recycled paper, too, can produce qualified tissue products.

    4, dates to see. Toilet paper are also shelf life, the general shelf life of three years, expired toilet paper will again breed bacteria. It is best to buy when consumers buy products recently, used with the purchase, do not place too long.

    In addition, rough and hard toilet paper, without packaging and sterilization of bulk packages of toilet paper do not buy,  tissue paper machine because bulk packages of toilet paper or packaging is not complete, easy to bacterial contamination.