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Toilet paper manufacturers tissue paper machine are not earmarked
In the wide Xinanningbin County New Town area, not far separated road on both sides there is a paper mill or a paper factory, the plant mostly houses.
"Economic Information Daily" correspondent saw in Jincheng paper mill, the plant is very old, on the ground there are many mottled pulp and paper residue, main building on the second floor of two rooms filled with sacks filled with "raw material" - Various strips of yellow, white paper, and packaging plant in the densely piled height of about 1.7 meters, 0.65 meters in diameter shaft not finished any identity papers, some of the color yellow, and some are more white.
Jincheng Paper Mill responsible Xiwenlu said mill mainly produces toilet paper,  tissue paper machine its main raw material is waste paper collected from Nanning. The waste processing and then washed by stirring, it would be finished large axis of paper, "the color yellow price is 4800 yuan per ton, whitish is 5100 yuan per ton, the main difference is added in a proportion not virgin pulp the same. "
For the flow of these papers, Lu Xiwen said both foreign manufacturers also have local manufacturers. When a reporter asked what he sold to local manufacturers, he has said, "do not remember." Luxi Wen also stressed that "we produce is toilet paper, is allowed to use waste paper processing, as they bought what to do, we do not know."
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According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2003 of "one household paper production and processing enterprises supervise remediation requirements," the production of paper towel, shall not use recycled paper, printing paper, paper products and other fibrous materials recycling as raw material.
According to community reports, some of Binyang County of Nanning City Paper Factory illegal purchase of raw materials from recycled waste paper, bleached phosphors "toilet paper" processed "napkin", sold by wholesale Nanning some restaurants, the the consumer's table.
Some businesses reflect these "napkin" mostly derived from a number of paper products factory Binyang County, including Kelon paper factory, the faithful paper factory. The responsible person of the two plants is revealed, they produce large axis of paper feed section napkins, procurement comes from Binyang County Jincheng Paper Mill.
Reporters learned that, Binyang County has organized relevant departments of Jincheng paper mill, paper mill Kelon launched an investigation, seizure-related products, and the county to rectify all mills.
Survey shows that although there is not enough evidence to prove the existence of "toilet paper" processed "napkin" behavior, but the existence of related companies are unlicensed production napkins, toilet paper unaccounted identity is unclear, and add phosphor and other irregularities, to product quality napkins bring great risks.
Binyang County of Quality and Technical Supervision Secretary Li Yongchun introduced, according to the survey, South Ningxin Li Jincheng Paper Co. plant (Jincheng Paper) products for toilet paper, but no product manufactured product identification, unlabeled its use, the use of raw edge of paper was recycled paper and virgin fiber waste and fluorescent brighteners; toilet paper feed section Binyang County faithful rolls of toilet paper production plant used, it Jincheng paper production, but did not find the faithful Paper plant with its production napkin; in Kelon paper mills, although there is no evidence to prove that bought Jincheng Paper toilet paper production, but there is no business license, there is no "health permits," the production of napkins problem.
Li Yongchun noted that the presence of these enterprises conduct the following risks:
First, the use of fluorescent bleach paper security risk. According to reports, fluorescent whitening agents are called paper "white dye", whose role is to make the production of paper to get sparkling effect is similar to fluorite, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening. Since this plant raw material is waste paper, after de-inking and bleaching, compared with the wood pulp and paper, whiteness is not a small difference. In order to make recycled paper made with pulp and paper as the original whiteness, you must use fluorescent whitening brightening. Some experts said that after the fluorescent whitening agent is absorbed by the body, unlike most of the chemical composition is easily decomposed, which allows cells to produce variability, long-term exposure, carcinogenic.
Secondly, Jincheng Paper Mill production toilet paper identity is unclear, unlabeled uses, after a number of illegal enterprises to purchase, may be used as the production of paper napkins.
Again, according to relevant laws and regulations,   tissue paper machine the production of paper napkins should be subject to the approval of the provincial health department, the staff engaged in the production of paper napkins must have a health certificate. The whole Binyang County, only two companies have this qualification, such as Kelon paper mill enterprise unlicensed production, quality is difficult to guarantee.