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Tissue select big tissue paper machine learning
China Cuisine Association recently released research report, 39.7 percent of the catering wholesale paper sourced from the line, network wholesale, own brands and other channels, these channels regulatory difficult,  tissue paper machine there are some security risks.

The survey also showed that more than 85% of consumers eat out at least once a week, 87.6% of consumers will use the restaurant offers free napkins, 89.6% of which amount of users in two or more, per capita use amounted to 3.7. Thus, the paper has become an important consumer segments consumable food and beverage companies, is an important component of food security.
tissue paper machine
Less "white rich America" ​​paper towels

White - Fluorescent brightener

Healthy toilet paper should be a natural ivory color, rather than the more white the better. Because some manufacturers in order to improve whiteness, it will add a lot of optical brighteners, talc, etc., this product looks unnaturally white, the color is not soft, long-term use may cause skin irritation and diarrhea.

Fu - chemical spices

Paper towels with fragrant smell always addictive,  tissue paper machine but some paper towels to add various chemical perfumes, air freshener to demonstrate their "rich", long-term adverse health.

Beauty - printing ink

Toilet paper with printing full of art by many people of all ages, but some poor ink printing paper towels used will contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals and organic solvents such as benzene, can also bring health risks after contact with human skin.