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Tissue prices tissue paper machine drop
Because people increased perspiration in hot weather, use a paper towel frequency increase as a result, the summer season is often a paper towel. Recently, this reporter visited various supermarkets  tissue paper machine   in my area found that most tissue products in promotion to get together, but big price cuts than in the past, some fell more than 30%.
tissue paper machine
    Promotional towels most expensive 10 yuan
tissue paper machine
    May 15, the reporter visited supermarkets and the bustling South Bridge Road, was found in a prominent position paper towels have a promotional area, almost all brands have cut prices, brand involving Vader, the heart of India, the wind, clean soft pure points.

    "I have been using Vader toilet paper last month 24.6 yuan to buy 10 of the package, but buy it early." Tissue area being repeated comparisons Leung told reporters, "You see, now promotional equipment only 18.9 yuan, now buy more cost-effective. "She said she would buy a few to put home stockpile.

    Specter soft heart of India 150 10 three-roll package price 22.9 yuan, sales presentation, which the original price of 28.8 yuan. And some tissue paper packaging printed on the "wholesale" "Value Pack" and other words. Reporter parity discovered a paper towel is the most preferential logs pure breeze rolls 10 3-layer packaging, the original price 27.9 yuan, now sold only 17.9 yuan, but also added two volumes. Cheap 10 yuan, a decline of 35.8%.

    While sales season dumped goods

    "These models are high-quality products, rarely a discount, mainly factory is   tissue paper machine  a good time to sell more of the dumped goods, mention the amount of the sum insured." Vader's factory promoters said, "Now the manufacturers are too similar more competition in the industry big pressure. "

    In order to inventory, each have had to engage in price wars, the price of the price is not obvious, but also multi-use dosage does not increase in the form of disguised price cuts, such as 10 upgrade package into 12 volumes, a mention or pumping Kleenex toilet paper feed.

    Or the main cause of decline in pulp costs

    It is understood that the tissue in terms of production costs of pulp accounts for about 60% of pulp and procurement costs account for about 65% of production costs. "So the price is basically wipes down due to lower pulp prices caused." Wholesalers who lives paper said, "Now business is highly competitive, some businesses in order to reduce inventory levels, forced to tissue paper machine  choose low-cost promotional way to attract consumers. "

    Reporters from Alibaba and other large wholesale website has learned that the production of wood pulp paper towels in the early 2014 price of about 5,000 yuan per ton, the recent price dropped to 4,500 yuan per ton, the cheapest one manufacturer even given 4100 yuan per ton prices. Household paper prices early last year about 7,000 yuan per ton, down 1,000 yuan per ton recently.