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Tissue World series of tissue paper machine events into Jakarta
"Tissue World Symposium - Jakarta" to Southeast Asia with local and international partners to provide a professional platform for toilet paper manufacturers, processors and suppliers face exchange, access to the market from the industry's leading speech Prospects and future business plan based on market trends operation plan.    tissue paper machine   Tissue World series of events aims to expand its activities to uphold the new "Tissue World Symposium - Jakarta" in-depth understanding of the regional tissue market environment for local supply and demand trends special program of activities, so that participants develop effective new business network.

World exhibitors toilet exhibition emtec Electronics GmbH business representatives, Mr. Daniel Ohndorf said: "Tissue World Health Paper is active persons must attend the event is the industry's leading companies and emerging business interaction and grasp the development trend in this ever-changing market. perfect platform. "

ASEAN market has unlimited potential
 tissue paper machine
Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN abbreviation) composed by the 10 member states, a large population from the region, accounting for 10% of the global total artificial. ASEAN market is the world's seventh largest economy, the market value is expected to average annual growth of 5.6%, to 2018 and rose to fifth place. In addition, the existing international toilet average annual demand growth of 3-4%, based on the rapid increase in the quantity and quality of life of the region's population, the amount of toilet paper use in Southeast Asia will gradually surpass the international average dosage. In order to grasp the opportunity, many international companies have been targeted in the Southeast Asian market, a special focus on developing business strategies to meet the needs and trends of the market.

Indonesia - Southeast Asia's largest economy

Indonesia is one of the key ASEAN countries, but also in the region in the most populous nation, Indonesia is expected in the next decade will be the ASEAN regional economic leadership in Indonesia,    tissue paper machine   most of the toilet paper machinery and spare parts imported by foreign Indonesia is ASEAN's largest mother volume exporter, also after Italy, the world's second largest exporter of parent rolls of toilet paper usage will maintain its double-digit annual growth rate in the next five years