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Three non-random sample napkin may use tissue paper machine recycled paper towels
Dining in a restaurant, you concerned about the quality of the napkin it? You know, good or bad quality napkins, directly related to your health?

This issue of people's livelihood quality lab, a reporter for the status quo using the  tissue paper machine main city conducted a survey of restaurant napkins, napkin found that some manufacturers do not produce basic information. Reporters random collection of a number of restaurant napkins, sent to the City of Light Industry Research Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection Center for testing. The results found that some may use recycled paper napkins.
tissue paper machine
Visited three no easy out scraps of paper napkins

Napkin restaurant offers three main categories: one has a bag, shaped like a pack of tissues, generally printed on the packaging restaurant information; one is boxed out of paper; one for the roll.

"Waiter, to the point of napkins." On Friday at noon, the reporter went to a chain restaurant dining casserole. Waiter handed me a pack of napkins, printed introduction restaurants and other stores addresses and telephone on a napkin, but no production date, manufacturer, product certification and other information.

In the reporter survey process, often encounter such a "three noes" napkins. In addition to this type of packaged napkins, there are also a lot of boxed napkins, rolls, and other restaurant owners do not even know napkin manufacturer information.

Reporters at a Ti Hua Museum Jiangbei District dine ask about the shop owner, the store is where the use of boxed paper napkin production. Direct boss replied: "I do not know."

The boss said, this is someone else door selling boxed napkins, and cheaper than the supermarket lot out of paper, gave tissue boxes. Dozens package napkins loaded into a bag, no manufacturer information above.

Using such a "three noes" napkin, the most obvious feeling is that after the paper Cawan mouth, face easy to leave small scraps of paper, out of water after the more severe.

Some experiments may be using recycled paper

Napkins restaurant offers quality qualified? Reporters were sent to the city to collect the napkins Quality Inspection Institute of Metrology, many restaurants will be tested.

Four inspectors from the selection of typical napkin tested, three of which are out of paper, one for roll paper. Test project whiteness, can migrate optical brighteners and DIRT.

Test results show that these four papers, there is a high degree of dust extraction paper. Greater than 1.0mm2, 2.0mm2 number less dust per square meter in four, reaching extremes napkin eligibility criteria.

This paper is a reporter selling smoked meat restaurants slippery collected in  tissue paper machine a pine bridge, in the street, many restaurants are using such out of paper.

"This paper is possible to use the recycled paper as raw material." Inspection personnel, in the dust of the paper refers to the impurity content, the higher the degree of dust, indicating that the paper contained more impurities.

Inspectors emphasized, because it is not a standard sample, so this test can only make a preliminary inspection report, could not make the final judgment. The final decision, napkin also need to be re-sampling, testing ash, holes, transverse tensile index, longitudinal wet tensile strength and other items.