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Three no tissue paper machine napkins on the table against big Dengtang
(Reporter Xu Huanan) for napkins, napkin for granted that everyone is clean. Yesterday, reporters in the street more than twenty restaurants Jinchuan observed, each provided free napkins all three products, and most of the media exposure of poor quality napkins.

Great harm on poor quality paper napkin table

Jinchuan street dog meat soup in a restaurant, tissue paper machine  on every table stood a napkin box, napkin said to be inside the paper a little more rough gray hair black paper. A reporter asked whether diners will use these papers, the customer said he only used these papers to wipe the table, never directly Cazui or cutlery. In this street there are more than twenty restaurants, they offer free napkin, without exception, these napkins are using large plastic bags, no manufacturer logo and text.
tissue paper machine
Reporters from the First Hospital of Jilin University Dermatology learned to make use of poor quality toilet paper napkin, it is easy to tissue remaining fluorescent brighteners and other toxic substances and bacteria to wipe his mouth, eat into the stomach. Long-term use of inferior paper napkin susceptible to disease. One may inhale harmful fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, can cause enteritis, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases, and some may also carry hepatitis germs; the second is inferior napkin residual brighteners, will harmful dust into the body, adversely affect the respiratory tract; Third, can irritate the skin, causing skin allergies.

Simply identify the three measures

Identify poor quality paper napkin, to master the three methods: "a look at two touch, three with." I saw a bright place against the tissue to see if there are reflex points, if any, is poor. Poor quality napkins are very thin, there are even a lot of black impurities on the surface looks dull rough, but pure wood pulp products, generally white moderate, clean surface, the paper looks very delicate; the second touch is inferior paper napkin feel rough, papery hard; and qualified napkin feels smooth to the touch, soft, lint-free, can not afford to powder, high tensile strength; the third is in the use of napkins, to shake,  tissue paper machineto see if there is a white powder fall, and if so, It is inferior. Use low-quality towel napkins, paper often fall, and sometimes stick to the skin. Poor quality water and a napkin soak immediately into slag, and wood pulp napkin texture dense, absorbent, blisters still forming.