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This should wipe with a paper tissue paper machine towel after women urinate
Should women with a paper towel and wipe the urine it? Recently, a "vigilance urine with a tissue susceptible to vaginitis," the news that this ordinary things become a big problem.

Rumors: [alert urine with a tissue susceptible to vaginitis] life that most women can not do without toilet paper toilet. However, this self-righteous talk about health habits, but just as a potential risk factor for gynecological diseases.   tissue paper machine Now a lot of toilet paper are recycled paper, which has a lot of bacteria. Wipe with a paper towel too often, bacteria can easily travel and breed in the vagina, the best way is to do nothing after urinating, change underwear every day on it.

Truth: Women after urinating, wipe with a qualified right of toilet paper does not cause gynecological infections, but is not likely to cause genital rubbing and urinary tract infections. So after urinating promptly wiped away with a clean toilet paper is the correct approach. Of course, frequently changes the underwear is to be promoted.
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Rub, and will not cause vaginitis

The vagina is a structure with the outside world, it is impossible to achieve absolute sterility. However, relying on its self-purification vagina, it can inhibit the propagation of bacteria, to protect the vaginal health. In the normal vaginal flora, bacteria Lactobacillus is an advantage, estrogen vaginal organizational structure is conducive to the growth of vaginal lactobacilli, vaginal Lactobacillus metabolites can make vaginal pH value was maintained between 3.8-4.4 The acidic environment, thus inhibiting the growth of other bacteria, which is self-purification of the vagina. In this state, even one that may lead to bacterial vaginosis Gardnerella slow due to the small number of breeding, it does not cause disease. It is this self-purification, a small amount of bacteria in the environment, or in the toilet paper contaminated by wiping the vulva to the vagina outside the mouth of a small amount of bacteria, do not have vaginal health threat.

So vaginitis is usually what causes it? When the ecological balance of vaginal flora is broken, or there is a relatively large amount of foreign pathogens (such as trichomonas, etc.) invasion, will likely lead to the occurrence of vaginitis. If estrogen decreases (such as after menopause) or vagina acidic environment is destroyed (such as vaginal lavage), it will make the vaginal environment is not conducive to the growth of Lactobacillus undermine self-purification of the vagina. In addition, long-term use of antibiotics to inhibit the growth of Lactobacillus, or low immunity (such as diabetics and patients with long-term use of hormones or immunosuppressive agents), but also allows other bacteria become the dominant bacteria, causing inflammation of the vagina. It should  tissue paper machine be noted that, after the acidic environment of the vagina sex will be destroyed, pH value can be increased to 7.2 and maintained for 6-8 hours, and therefore frequent sex can damage the environment and the growth of lactobacilli become risk factors vaginitis .