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This paper towels can easily tissue paper machine cause cancer
Tissue is close contact with people every day to daily, every day, but very little attention to health issues paper towels. "Daily we do not know," because we take for granted that tissue is clean. But again and again the media exposure, long-term use of such poor quality paper towel to wipe your mouth, face and hands, can cause skin irritation; paper whitening powder, bleach, can enter the respiratory tract caused by infection; talcum powder,  tissue paper machine  fluorescent agents and heavy metals exceeded towel more carcinogenic risk!
tissue paper machine
Paper towels, your good with a good brand or cheap

Two identical tissue packaging, a discount promotion, a original sale, you choose? I believe 90% of people will not hesitate to choose the discount goods. Take two packets of tissue paper carefully compare, in the corner of the bag will be able to find the answer: a pack of paper towels quality level is qualified, the other package is first-class goods.

In fact, facial tissue divided into superior products,  tissue paper machine first-class goods and qualified for three grades, their softness, water absorption, toughness is different, superior product the best, followed by first-class products, qualified the worst, qualified products Many indicators even half the first-class products are lower than, the price naturally cheaper.