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Then wipe with toilet paper tissue paper machine after a misunderstanding
Most people wash their hands, wash your face,  tissue paper machine bathe and other personal hygiene have enough understanding. But the dirtiest part of the body has been neglected, a site should be cleaned frequently and did not wash.
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Medical experts warned: any viruses and bacteria, are suitable for their survival and breeding ground, but also make the rapid spread of favorable environment. The more dirty place, the more easy to breed and spread germs, it is an indisputable fact. According to the World Health Organization data show that virus in feces than 100 (type), these viruses can survive for several months in feces.

Tip one: toilet paper not simply wipe clean residue medical study found that anal skin deeper, more wrinkles, each defecation will hide fecal residue, no matter what the rub, it is difficult to clean the residue, and wipe The more carefully, the harder, the more easily into the depths of the stool residue. Expert advice: After washing it is an effective way to completely remove residual stool.

Tip two: Trash is a breeding ground for viruses It is understood that most people will ever wipe toilet paper, it will be thrown into the dustbin. Each toilet paper contaminated with a little stool, adding a bunch of toilet paper is a pile of dung. If the home has diarrhea patients, stool frequency surge, feces virus will be more, basket became the breeding ground for the virus. Bathroom waste basket of toilet paper, if not in time. Not only pollute the environment at home, but also a source of infection of the virus.

Tip three: Women should keep the lower body clean due to the physiological characteristics of women more special, anus, vagina, urethra opening three important parts are more concentrated, and their discharge of different substances, little attention will be clean of bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, according to the original body, trichomoniasis and other infections caused by propagation of the disease. tissue paper machineWorld Health Organization's report proved that women common vaginitis caused due to dirty pants about 50% -60%, the most effective way to prevent these diseases is often clean the genitals.