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The lost handkerchief to pick up the three experts tissue paper machine pointed out that the harmful effects of tissue
Million signature campaign on June 2 in the afternoon,  tissue paper machine a lecture entitled "to throw the handkerchief to pick it up," the Nanjing East Road in Century Place, Nanjing Road visitors have signature said: From an environmental view, much less with a tissue handkerchief .
tissue paper machine
According to statistics, China is now an average of 10 person-years of a lack of consumer handkerchief, replaced by a large number of disposable paper towels consumption. Experts point out that, although convenient, but not paper towels used sparingly harm has three: First, consume a lot of wood to produce one ton of paper requires felling of green trees 17 years, the result of excessive consumption of paper is ecological damage; the second is environmental pollution, paper towels one-time use will have a lot of junk, waste water during the production of pulp is the major source of pollution of the water environment, accounting for over 30% of urban pollution; three-part tissue containing compounds, optical brighteners, chlorine is harmful to health, its production process potent poison produced by a chemical reaction that can lead to liver cancer.

Shanghai Consumers Association and co-sponsored Environmental Education tissue paper machine  Center in Shanghai this event, want consumers to use more handkerchiefs, disposable hand towels reduce consumption and protect the environment.