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Take a look at the shelf life of a year tissue paper machine or two have been stored
Speaking of toilet paper to everyone is familiar with, but you know what, it also has its own toilet paper production date and shelf life. Most consumers concerned about when buying toilet paper toilet paper just price and quality, for the product has never been concerned about whether or not expired.  tissue paper machine Certain cleaning products shop owner Ma reminded, over a shelf life of toilet paper it is easy to breed bacteria, leading to toilet paper to become unsanitary.

    Promotional very cheap toilet paper
tissue paper machine
    "Cheap Cheap, toilet paper big sale, the original price of 33 dollars a barrel roll 10 now sell 19.8 yuan." A large supermarket in the city is engaged in the promotion, a lot of regular supermarket consumers will find that most supermarkets intervals Time will engage in a variety of merchandising, toilet paper are often on the list. And attentive customer may find toilet paper promotional areas are mostly very cheap price, but in the normal toilet paper counters, and the same brand promotion zone, the price of toilet paper tube number actually has not a small gap. This can not help but doubt, the same brand, and why some cheap promotional discounts, but some prices firm do?

    Reporter survey found that urban supermarkets are engaged in the promotion of toilet paper, but the discount margin has varied. There are discount of twenty percent, have to fight tickets, but also bundling. Dongyue in a supermarket on the street, the reporter saw a discount of toilet paper by the consumers. "You see this bag of toilet paper I bought last week is the original cost me 23 bucks, now engaged in activities with only 16 dollars can buy, a full seven dollars it cheap, very affordable." Supermarket A customer carrying bags of toilet paper, told reporters.

    Stored too long the growth of bacteria

    In the survey, reporters found that most supermarkets in the sale of toilet paper are labeled shelf life and production date. After viewing a lot of toilet paper commodity information the reporter found that shelf life is generally more uniform, most of three years, or two years and five years, but very few. But the production date on the different, and toilet paper on the shelves, some still "fresh", the production date is August or September this year, and then in the morning and no more than three or four months. In promotional merchandise, the toilet paper "age" should be slightly larger. In April 2013, September 2012 and October 2013, which date is the result of three reporters in the marketing area of ​​toilet paper in random view obtained, the shortest time also has been a year, to know their "life" is also Only three years only.

    "There are toilet paper production date, Give me a break, I never noticed." Reporters learned that the majority of consumers and citizens, like Ms. Lee, paid little attention to toilet paper production date and shelf life. "The most concern is paper really easy to use, the price is really not affordable, it seems much more concerned about the future of toilet paper 'birthday' of." Ms. Lee said, often taking advantage of the promotions to buy a home before several large bags of toilet paper, I thought anyway, not expired, taking advantage of cheaper to buy more, piled in the house and slowly the total energy used up, now that I think really there is something wrong.

    Then the toilet paper once expired will have any harm on the human body do? Culture Road, a cleaning products shop owner Ma said: "The toilet paper production date and shelf life, over the validity of the product will not meet the health requirements, is likely to breed a lot of bacteria." Mr. Ma said that if toilet paper storage is not good ,  tissue paper machine it is very easy to make the paper damp or contaminated, many consumers may think that as long as the paper has not been opened, you can buy a home slowly with, it is a misconception. "Toilet paper is in direct contact with the skin, if not clean toilet paper bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the body, affect human health."