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Sweep the toilet before tissue paper machine  the two-dimensional codes have free towels
"In the city of Wenzhou University, the toilet is not with the paper, so long as a cell phone is enough." Recently, at a temperature from the popular garden city of colleges this piece. It is understood that the original of this month, the school's 48 toilets each fitted with a flat-called "paper to you," the intelligence for the machine. School teachers and students just open the phone micro letter, sweep the two-dimensional code on the machine, by clicking on the concerns related to micro signal, you can get free a 60 cm long section of paper towel, and focus on more than you can get multi-towel. To provide for these intelligent machine is the paper Wenzhou Technology Co., Ltd. to you by the school has graduated students and together form the entrepreneurial team. "On one hand we can bring convenience for  tissue paper machine the machine to teachers and students, on the other hand on the machine can also be someone else to promote micro signal profitable, just do both." Said Wang Bin, general manager.
tissue paper machine
Harvested from the vending machine for inspiration intelligent paper

Wang, born in 1987, Hangzhou. Last year, and several other students of similar age together invested "paper to you" public towel project, settled in Zhejiang temperature Ayutthaya hospital incubator. Wang studied at the Academy of temperature Ayutthaya, freshman to start a business. He started from the vending machine, and later fought in the tissue vending machine. "Is that one dollar coin, you can get a tissue machine. Now the entire vending machine Wenzhou are our company is doing." Speaking of this, Wang's tone revealed a sense of pride.

It is also been fought in the vending field experience, so Wang Bin see instant intelligence for the machine found opportunities. But the original intention of his own research and development facilities, taking into account the financial constraints, the final decision to abandon the development, directly imported equipment.

"Paper To You" technology project, is based on traditional paper feed O2O equipment and mobile Internet applications, the use of two-dimensional code technology, application cloud analysis techniques, students keyword trigger real-time analysis, understand the students' preferences and psychological trends, provide more accurate service. Each device is equipped with a 3G card, the background can be real-time monitoring equipment operation, the break will not happen. In his view, with the rapid evolution of the Internet to the mobile Internet, the demand for smart city, accelerate the construction of wisdom campus, intelligent devices continues to increase, "the paper asks you to" great market intelligence for the machine.

In the preparations for the beginning of the project, Wang and his team in the end or not to charge for paper towels, a "spit" How appropriate tissue, how rational and efficient layout for trivial issues intelligent machine, and so on are discussed countless times. For a "spit" how much tissue, they also conducted a questionnaire. "Finally, our survey results provide the first 60 centimeters of paper most appropriate and will not be wasted, nor too little." Born in 1990, the project director of operations Ding burnished smiles, wipes also decided not to charge, and receive a 5 hair piece others also swept the two-dimensional code, and indeed wrong.

While the paper is free for the promotion of micro signal

Yesterday, in a big city hospital bathroom door temperature, Wang told reporters demonstrates steps for paper machine intelligence. In the machine above two-dimensional code, a normal user pickup dedicated two-dimensional code, the other is often user-specific two-dimensional code pickup. The former first scan for people to use, after sweeping the two-dimensional code, will jump out of a row of micro-signal, just click on a concern, you can press the button on the machine for a section of tissue.

If one is not enough how to do? Wang Bin said it would pay more attention to a few micro signal. A micro signal one can take a tissue section, the number one concern of micro phone signal is not limited. The Micro Signal behind the promotion of these two-dimensional code, it is "the paper asks you to" profit point team.

"We are in the micro channel page after scanning two-dimensional code, set a recommended number area, recommended micro-positioning signals are clear, that is to public service, and students are required to serve as the theme of the various public service micro signal, including job recruitment, education and training, life and service. "

Ding Zheng Liang said, the students may be just beginning to get free towels concern micro signal, then they will find these micro signals are very practical, it is generally not Unfollow. But also often user-specific two-dimensional code, they would be more convenient pickup.

It is understood that due to the current equipment is still testing the promotion stage, settled in the Micro Signal are free. The latest data show that they have installed 48 machines, the most of a one day absorbed 20 fans. Reporters saw yesterday, it has been settled in micro signal, Intime business in the column.

Next will also provide free trash bags, raincoats

In the reporter the interview process, some students have achieved a tissue by sweeping the two-dimensional code. Which studied economics junior school girl Ye Yu Jie told reporters that the existence of this smart device is an upgrade of the campus environment, before one class, some students on the old boys in particular, by a variety of tissues, now with this device much more convenient. After all, fewer students with paper towels, multi-band handsets. Next door to the school after the students heard, also pledged to come "crowd."

"At first I heard the students are doing this, I'm a little scared, you know before we put toilet paper light school year will be spent around 10 million, that spending too much, only to cancel the release paper. So I was a little worried that they provide free paper, will not lose yo. Come and discover now understand that this project is still sustainable. not only to provide students with a convenient, but also to the public eager to promote micro-channel number, an innovative multi-carrier businesses. "Wen Metropolitan College and Career Guidance teacher Dong Leilei said.

According 董磊磊 reports, "the paper to you," Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with the school, including the first 48 for the machine, including a total school to be built on 104 stations this year. "This is where they begin entrepreneurial dream, and we help them as long as the school connected to the circuit, responsible for the timely exchange paper and logistical support to the key would not increase costs, so the school is certainly strongly support their venture."

It is reported that, in addition to providing free paper towels, then they also developed and launched to provide free trash bags, disposable raincoat these necessities machines. "Fun, practical, public welfare, and environmental protection is our business in mind.  tissue paper machine Some people worry that we will be free may thankless task, but we have been preliminary cost estimates, if everything goes according to the expected run down, we can still generate income." Ding Zheng Liang said, some people do not understand our project, it was not good, but it does not matter, because along the way a dream blessing, with the feeling of doing things. Who can say that a small towel is not the achievements of a legendary wealth it?