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Supermarket sales of toilet paper tissue paper machine into the meat and potatoes
By electricity suppliers shocks, major supermarkets to compete for customers, almost every month to come up with a theme "anniversary," a reasonable excuse for his "promotion" manufacturing.

Yesterday, the new culture reporter visited Changchun City part of the supermarket found that from food to daily necessities, "promotion" Despite the difference in the intensity of each supermarket, but without exception, will set some promotional items to attract the attention of consumers. And this one, the biggest promotional efforts like toilet paper, some supermarket discount can hit 7.5 fold or less, seems to have become supermarket promotions "meat and potatoes."

Paper pumping toilet paper joined the army prices

Yesterday morning, reporters visited the major supermarkets, Guilin Road and Chongqing Road, tissue paper machine  the "preferential", "promotion", "price" prompt card everywhere in the exhibition shelves. Which is one of the most interesting area of ​​toilet paper or commodity products in a supermarket, the whole toilet area, including nearly ten brands of smoke and various types of toilet paper, all in a sale. Lowest Discount 9.5%, the highest discount even hit 7.1 fold. In addition, some other promotional merchandise is also very fond of these "paper" cooperation, such as drinks and instant noodles are pumping more and more like the paper as a gift bundle.
tissue paper machine
Reporters carefully observed a moment, in the toilet paper promotional areas, there are three brands of toilet paper and paper pumping, promotional price of 7.5 fold. Promotional price of a license in accordance with the time on the show, promotional period is from May 19 to May 31. "The paper quality is good, last month I bought a mention is 27.9 yuan, and now only 19.9 yuan, eight yuan cheaper." Reporters stepped forward to ask, one in the area to stop the purchase of toilet paper people he said enthusiastically.

Compare original and promotional price supermarket price tag on the original price of 17.9 yuan a certain brand of toilet paper, price 12.9 yuan, with another brand of toilet paper original price 27.9 yuan, 19.9 yuan at current prices, a discount of 7.1% off; another brand of toilet paper original price of 25.8 yuan, price 18.9 yuan, a discount of 7.3 fold, smoke the same brand of another kind of paper original price of 8.8 yuan, 6.9 yuan at current prices. In another supermarket, toilet paper of the same aggressive discounting "to force", but the same toilet paper, original price 27.9 yuan, the price has dropped to 22.9 yuan, 5 yuan cheaper.

Toilet paper is not surprising price

Visited the reporter noted that although there are many commodities in supermarkets also carry out "sales" and "discount", but rarely to the extent of discount efforts toilet paper.

In this regard, a supermarket tally clerk toilet area think this is normal, promotional supermarket behavior, "how not to engage in promotions to attract consumers, how to pull the turnover?" Now more intense competition between supermarkets, some supermarket even every month will find a reason to do promotions, "toilet paper is a necessity, people concerned about the relatively high, prices low enough to attract the attention of consumers." tally clerk said.

The staff of a supermarket brand of toilet paper also told reporters that they are willing to come up with some toilet paper promotional, partly in order to meet the supermarket "promotion" requirement, on the other hand, the dealers in order to clear inventory, reduce inventory pressure. "We have come up with promotional, general consumers rarely buy varieties, by supermarket promotions, are also considered to publicize their products do." Staff said.

Low-cost raw materials prices remaining space reserved

Although the supermarket and dealers say the price of toilet paper is completely "normal" business practices. But for toilet paper, the pulp production costs of approximately 60% pulp procurement costs account for about 65% of production costs, from 2013, the domestic pulp price volatility has been great. Although supermarkets and dealers do not say, but the impact of changes in the cost of paper-to-end product prices can not be ignored.

Cool, especially the business community pulp analyst reports,  tissue paper machine  according to the business community statistics show that in January 2015 to April hardwood pulp prices only in January, when a decline, and the remaining three months showed a rising trend. March price is up 3.92% MoM. And 2014 full-year price decline compared to 2015, hardwood pulp prices signs of recovery.

While paper companies, the recent rise in raw material prices, which means rising costs, but each paper mills buy the enthusiasm of view, the business early accumulation of low-cost raw materials still remaining, the production of pressure is not great. Currently on the market circulation of the finished product is still a pre-production and low raw material cost of goods, lower prices leave some space, but with the subsequent appearance of the raw material cost pressures, the prices may be getting smaller and smaller space.