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Squatting on the toilet easy tissue paper machine out dreaded cancer
Failure of toilet paper on the toilet with fear-induced leukemia

When about 100 years ago, a US paper company inadvertently  tissue paper machine invented toilet paper, and certainly did not expect such a huge convenience to human life items, now gave human health risks.
 tissue paper machine
British story even noted that some experts have called the British toilet paper should be eliminated in 2015, so we rinsed with water after a return to the era of the stool. This report pointed out that the British are widely used pink or light green colored toilet paper, and a velvet texture has the same thick toilet paper, toilet paper in which the dye and filled within floe is an important cause of anal cancer.

Although the Chinese people rarely use this toilet paper, but many people cheaper toilet paper at a farmers market or buy a small supermarket also makes it difficult to be assured. There are about 10% of the toilet paper are unqualified, the presence of a fluorescent bleach and other issues too. Long-term use, which may lead to leukemia benzene.

Recommendation: The best toilet paper is cotton pulp, followed by wood, bamboo,  tissue paper machine straw, etc., but also look at the time of purchase written on the packaging is not 100% virgin pulp, if only 50% or 30%, to other substances may have been added. Best ivory white toilet paper. The toilet paper on detectors, if emits blue fluorescence, which also shows a fluorescent agent overdose. That color is too white, hair loss, there are impurities or dark colors do not buy toilet paper. Of course, the best way is to rinse with warm water after a bowel movement, reduce the amount of toilet paper.