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Small napkin was actually a carcinogen tissue paper machine tissue industry shady Big Secret
Napkins are people every day intimate contact to the commodity,  tissue paper machine we use every day, but rarely to concern napkin health problems. "Daily we do not know," because we take for granted that the napkin is clean.

But again and again the media exposure, long-term use of such poor quality paper napkin to wipe your mouth, face and hands, can cause skin irritation; paper whitening powder, bleach, can enter the respiratory tract caused by infection; talcum powder, fluorescent agents and heavy metals exceeded napkins more carcinogenic risk! So that people of a broken heart.

Although only a small napkin, but may people unknowingly suffer from a terminal illness. Xiao Bian hope that in the future we can have access to safe napkins, everyone's health are respected and protected.

tissue paper machine
1, the same brand of paper towels, expensive or cheap good good

Two identical tissue packaging, a discount promotion, a original sale, you choose? I believe 90% of people will not hesitate to choose the discount goods. Take two packets of tissue paper carefully compare, in the corner of the bag will be able to find the answer: a pack of paper towels quality level is qualified, the other package is first-class goods.

In fact, facial tissue divided into superior products, first-class goods and qualified for three grades, their softness, water absorption, toughness is different, superior product the best, followed by first-class products, qualified the worst, qualified products Many indicators even half the first-class products are lower than, the price naturally cheaper.

2,100% raw wood pulp and 100% pure wood pulp, like it

Raw wood pulp and wood pulp, although it sounds not very different, but the concept is completely different, raw wood pulp paper using a new material, while wood pulp paper may be mixed with recycled or renewable raw materials used.
So, despite being marked with a label 100% reliable, but as smart buyer, you certainly can choose the best that paragraph.

3, scented towels and printing it harmful

Pure wipe sweat, printing and paper towels scented not only safe, but also increase your feminine good tissue health benefits to health.

But if used to wipe your mouth, or an original paper towels best, because any "tricks" are added up late, poor quality of printing paper or perfume paper, ink and its flavor easily attached to the mouth, and then dive into the human body damage the immune system and the endocrine system, affecting their health.

4, tissue is not the color more white the better

Normal tissue color should be ivory, natural white. If you bought a paper towel is white, it is the result of adding a fluorescent agent excess. Use of substandard paper towels, light skin itching, severe cases can lead to skin diseases.

Identification of paper towels if they contain fluorescent agents that can be used against Money Detector tissue irradiated, if the pan-blue violet light tissue, usually because of an excess of added fluorescent agent, discontinue use immediately.

5, with a wet paper towel Can not wash their hands

This is a big misunderstanding health. The liquid content of the wet tissue is generally 80%, the main ingredient is water, and bactericidal drug, sterilizing liquid for a long time in order to allow efficient dissolution in water, wet paper towel will add some chemicals. "Propylene glycol" is the ingredient list wipes the highest occurrence rate term, although such chemical agents will not have a serious impact on the skin, but it will be left in the hands, wash conducive to health.

Therefore, the best method of disinfection or wash hands with soap and rinse with water.

6, small restaurants are replaced with a roll of toilet paper napkin, doing so would threaten the health of it?

Although the two paper towels are made from virgin wood pulp, also went through a rigorous disinfection procedures, but both disinfection standards completely different mix will affect their health.

Let us use the data to speak: total number of bacteria colonies per gram allowed toilet  tissue paper machine paper roll is above 500, and 200 per gram tissue is often wipe your mouth with a roll of toilet paper, paper germs possibly through the respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract spread, people infected with enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.

7, wrapped in kitchen paper directly on food right

In addition to the water-absorbent kitchen paper, the tensile capacity of its outstanding performance, its safety factor is the highest of all the tissue, it is not only pasteurized, the bacteria residue count to a minimum, but also eliminate the added fluorescent agent, you can be assured use it to wrap the ingredients, do not worry about the problem of disease from the mouth.