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Sixty sanitation workers to discourage car tissue paper machine owners to throw paper was chaired iron bars beat
WASHINGTON 13, a young man will be a private car parked in Huangpi Wu Lake Street side of the road, one after another throw confetti out the window, 62-year-old sanitation workers Liu came forward to dissuade the right day, tissue paper machine  the man deliberately threw confetti clean and humiliate him, even kicking him out iron bars. After being hit, Liu days right man threw the first reaction is to clean up the confetti.

Throw confetti

Sanitation workers swept away in the car window and then sweep
tissue paper machine
Yesterday, reporters in the province, Xinhua Hospital emergency outdoor saw undergoing infusion therapy sanitation workers Liu right day. This reporter saw Liu days right swelling near the left temple, close to the bandage, brain remnants of dried blood, his left arm multiple skin trauma, waist significant bruising.

Liu recalled the right day, at noon on the 13th, he put the broom, summarized Kei Wu Lake Street sweeping to the sales department of a commercial port, they found a black private car parked roadside, sitting in the cab of a 30-year-old Young men. Cab car door on the ground, littered with a lot of used toilet paper.

Liu days right silently approached the toilet cleaned, continue cleaning other sections. About five minutes later, he turns back and found a bunch of toilet paper on the ground outside the car again. No saw men throw toilet paper, Liu came forward to dissuade bad right day, the only thing they came up again, the toilet paper into summarized Kei sweep.

A few minutes later, Liu days right back to the road, on the ground and a bunch of toilet paper. He found the man the right cheek acne a lot longer, stop to take toilet paper to clean the face of dirt, Cawan to easily throw out the window.


Chi Gun private owners chased kicking

"Young man, you want to pay attention to environmental health, not just the road to throw confetti." Liu days right came good words discouraged. Unexpectedly, the man not only did not listen, but snapped: "! To you tube, I would like to throw to lose"

Liu days right not want to dwell too much, after the confetti cleaned, went straight to tens of meters away trash. Emptied trash, turned around, the scene in front of his unexpected: a picture of the man even to clean toilet paper deliberately out of the window, and soon, the ground will be scattered over the floor scraps of paper.

"Is to make you sweep, to sweep you ah." Man will head out of the window, yelling directed at Liu days right disrespectful. Liu days right angry, anxious, and rebuked the man "uneducated": "You have a father and mother, and I'm too old, you do not know how to respect people."

Heard remark, the man furious, actually take out a 1 m long steel rod from the back seat, Liu chased off the right day. Liu days right rather than shying hide, the man angrily, kick right day to Liu waist, which kick fell to the ground, iron bars, like a rain of fists hitting Lau rights body. Beat for 1 minute, a nearby resident found the front block, this man stopped, he drove off the scene.

Their dedication

Sanitation workers are still cleaning up after the fight confetti

It is sad that, beating the left side near the right temple Lau was pierced by a steel rod 1.5 cm long wound, blood dripping, he was unaware, still just keep cleaning the man on the floor of the toilet paper. "Liu master, your head was so much blood, how still sweeping." After a nearby restaurant to remind the boss, Liu realized his injured right day, then alarm.

"At that time did not feel pain, that right, the first reaction is to sweep the floor and clean the litter." Lau said the right, at their own home in Leshan, Sichuan, the 2008 earthquake, the house was shattered home, become dangerous, very filial son , through friends, in Huangpi purchase of real estate, so that he and his wife moved to Wuhan. Liu days right restless, from 2011, has been engaged in sanitation work supplement the family income, from morning to evening, only more than 1100 yuan monthly salary. The hospital, he had spent a month in wages.

"His wife and his honest, he discouraged people littering, tissue paper machinein order to clean the city, how would have been so murderous?" His wife Liu Tian Cheng Shiying always stay in the right side, misty eyes.

Currently, the area police station has been involved in the investigation Wu Lake, is tracked by someone owners access to monitoring tools.