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Silver Elegance removable tissues tissue paper machine 8 batches of products have been off the shelf
Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau recently sampling of the Beijing market paper  tissue paper machine products showed, "Silver Elegance" removable tissues, "clean energy" disposable cups and so on eight kinds of products appear on the list of substandard products on the shelf and was ordered.

    The sampling of toilet paper, paper towel samples exceeded the total number of bacterial colonies exist problems, which are all types of paper products, disposable hygiene products, using the process in direct contact with the human body. Users can easily lead to excessive microbial infections come into contact, thus affecting their health. Two batches of the project failed.
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    Paper towel products exist longitudinal wet tensile strength and transverse tensile index of non-compliance issues in the sampling work, wet tensile strength and transverse tensile index is a reflection of the strength and toughness wet paper towel in the case of an important indicator Since different from toilet paper and paper towel to wipe and wipe your mouth and so dedicated, during use in contact with water or sweat, with a certain wet tensile strength of tissue paper to avoid water encountered in the course will produce lint and out The phenomenon confetti, paper towel, paper handkerchiefs to wipe product strength is likely to cause failure of the scraps of paper and paper covered with hair, it affects the use. "Torch paper handkerchiefs," "Silver Elegance" removable tissues, five batches of the project failed.

    There is a problem cups cup body stiffness failed. Standard capacity index cups Qualified 250ml cup body stiffness is not less than the following 2.00N. Cup body stiffness is determined stiffness paper cups, paper cups unqualified stiffness, poured into water or drink, when porting will be severely deformed, after some cups, filling water, almost end up, the impact on performance serious. Such cups, when consumers need to put on a cup, an increase of waste. The nominal producer of the "Nanjing Jamie Paper Factory" dealer "Beijing Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Zhaohui balance" of a batch of "clean energy" disposable cups, and a nominal Xiongxian Paper Products Co., Ltd.-Lok group times "every blessing" disposable hot cups, the project failed.

    Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau found substandard goods monitoring,   tissue paper machine  the exit mechanism based on substandard goods, enforcement measures to withdraw from the market, and sales operators of substandard goods according to law. The business sector also reminded consumers who have purchased the above substandard goods, shopping vouchers can credential for return to the vendor.