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Shun Qing-rou remind you of the hazards along the Qing-rou tissue paper machine tissue teach you selected high-quality paper towels
 It is reported that after the paper towel is made from plant fiber raw paper by cutting, folding and other processed into disposable sanitary paper. It absorbent, soft, clean, easy to use features have been consumers, is essential to people's daily life a hygiene supplies. Product main form of facial tissue, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, paper napkin, paper towel box variety. Paper towel direct contact with the skin,  tissue paper machine and its quality is directly related to people's health. In this regard, AQSIQ warned consumers in the purchase should pay attention to five areas:
tissue paper machine
    One should choose large enterprises, well-known brand products. Large enterprises advanced production equipment, production process, strict management, good quality and use of raw materials, relatively more hygienic, comfortable, more at ease with them also. Shun Qing-rou tissue has been strict control checks, to eliminate the root of all quality issues.

    Second, look at the packaging. Manufacturers should indicate the name, address and telephone number on the product packaging. Also pay attention to see whether or not specify the product name and standard is implemented, the level of product, production date, expiration date on the package. Shun Qing-rou towels all have clearly marked.

    Third, try to choose the production of pure wood pulp paper towels. Paper towels pure wood pulp production lines generally fine, feel good, can not afford to powder. Some waste paper as raw material of paper towels, easy to fade, hair loss, see the water on the loose, use summer sweat, confetti will stay in the human body. Shun Qing-rou using genuine pure wood pulp paper towels, not bully!

    Fourth, the white paper towel is not possible. Paper towel product standards and other provisions of whiteness A product of 85.0% to 90.0%, some manufacturers in order to improve whiteness, excessive addition of optical brighteners, there will be some harm to the body, the consumer is best not to buy. Shun Qing-rou tissue never add brighteners, heartless not to make money!

    Fifth, look at the date, tissue general shelf life period of 3 years from the date of manufacture paper towel too long not to buy.

    First, the tips: Shun Qing-rou teach you how to choose high-quality paper towels

    1. touch feel

    Good tissue pulp content is high, feels smooth to the touch soft, easy to swap powder, hair loss. Bad tissue paper rigid, relatively loose, easy to swap powder, lint-free, paper towels beneficial to health.

    2. The ratio of toughness

    An original wood pulp paper towel in his hand, pull a little harder, tissue will be pulled wrinkled, but does not break. Not a good tissue due to the pulp content is low, poor flexibility, a little harder appears breakage.

    3. Observe the combustion

    After the addition of excess tissue  tissue paper machine  fluorescence agent combustion ashes white or black, and the normal tissue combustion qualified natural gray.

    4. Test soaking conditions

    Good paper towel high density, toughness, even if soaked in water will not be deformed, loose.