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Shanghai, more than 2,600 sanitation toilets gradually free supply of tissue paper machine
 tissue paper machine
Shanghai City Sanitation relevant department, said more than 2,600 seats sanitation toilets gradually provide free tissue paper machine is certainly to promote, but currently there are no time node, "civilization with toilet, management level funding, toileting those are the three main considerations."
Songjiang sanitation toilets: there are fixed cleaning staff was free
Jing'an District, offers free trial of Yan'an Road No. 840 toilet paper toilets, free web now being placed in the public areas and on the lock, the toilet can supervise each other, cleaning staff can carry out supervision and management.
Similar to No. 840 Yan'an Road toilets, Hongkou District 87 sanitation toilets, Songjiang District 101 sanitation toilets are currently in pilot paper provided free of charge, and are placed in public toilets cleaner desk, Hongkou District, which provides a sanitation toilets a flat sheet of paper.
According Songjiang District Environmental Sanitation Management Center Wu Xinjun introduced Songjiang 101 public toilets are a personal fixed cleaning of "a few toilet cleaning cleaner tour there will be no free toilet paper provided, the reason is no cleaning staff care, there will be toilet paper over access to, or even taken away all circumstances. "
"In the beginning the implementation of the provision of free tissue paper machine, toilet paper in a box is the public area, the result of excessive access phenomenon is more, even the whole box of toilet paper were taken away, the situation in other foreign population is more JiuTing The area is particularly evident. Later, we'll change the toilet paper on the desk cleaners, significantly reducing the phenomenon of excessive access, because most people embarrassed to take. "Wu Xinjun said.