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Selection and use of toilet paper five tips tissue paper machine to protect his private parts healthy woman
Many people feel very sanitary toilet paper, but it's not entirely the case. Sometimes toilet paper is white and may contain many unhealthy factors. In addition, since the wiping women's private parts, we need to use toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary or not but also about a female private health. Exactly what kind of toilet paper, how to use the toilet, to protect women's private parts of it? >> Female private parts itch 12 culprit

1, the best private parts packaged toilet paper

If you're accustomed to using toilet paper to clean private parts,  tissue paper machine pay attention to the best use packaged toilet paper, used with the check, do not pull out its own exposure to environment filled with bacteria. First, such as wrapping paper security, the second is to reduce the toilet paper and the environment in contact with bacteria, so that the toilet paper is more "health." In time will wipe the genitals clean and if you want it, you must use a qualified, clean toilet paper.
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2, the toilet paper should not be exposed

This is a woman's private parts sensitive and vulnerable parts, are extremely vulnerable to bacterial infection. If you use toilet paper privates bacterial contamination, then for women, this is a vaginal inflammation planted "curse." If the toilet paper on the bag, easy cash, keys and other items in contact. Toilet paper will be stained with a lot of bacteria. The toilet paper is also easy on the pocket of the body to absorb sweat, bacteria more attractive. These unclean toilet paper upon contact with the private parts, the bacteria will endanger the health of the shade.

3, careful public toilet outside

Now a lot of toilet paper are recycled paper, which has a lot of bacteria, such as E. coli, H. Luo, Shigella, etc. Too often wipe with a paper towel vulva, bacteria can easily stay and breed in the vagina, when the bacteria reach a certain number, it may lead to vaginitis or vulvitis. Women in particular do not use a public toilet outside, because in this type of tissue is usually the case are of poorer quality, the bacteria are more likely to cause the occurrence of vaginitis particular. Therefore, on the outside, be careful with or without a public toilet.

4, women do not have toilet paper after urinating best

Experts believe that women do not have toilet paper after urinating best, but occasionally the impact is not big, but not hard to clean, just press a few on the line. In fact, the best way is to do nothing after urinating, because women almost every change underwear every day, after the diet will not feel uncomfortable, but healthier, cleaner.

5, using toilet paper to wipe the proper method

Experts point out that the proper way to use toilet paper  tissue paper machine to wipe that from the urethra, vagina, anus defense against bacteria in ascending order, in descending order and cleanliness, so wipe the perineum, it should wipe from front to back, so can more effectively protect the private parts.