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Roll out of paper and can not be universal primer-law disputes with a paper tissue paper machine towel in the end of the ye
Readers Chan is a very purists, she questions from this weekend outings. "On that day, my grandfathers and grandmothers with grandchildren, that is, my son went to the Wild Animal Park in the morning to 9:30, 16:30 back." Things have been very good, but for her mother bag rolls, two-law got into a fight, "my mother would love to pull out a bunch of rolls in the bag, wipe the child, adults wipe mouth, even tables and chairs are not clean with it. But I think to use a paper towel should be separated, preferably with pumping paper wipe your mouth, do not use rolls, he said many times, but do not listen to her mother, she felt so white rolls too expensive, how it can not wipe your mouth. "

The also mentioned the problem-law kicked. "Roll out of paper and in the end can not be universal, in the end what is the difference between the two."

Repay money

In fact, Ms. Chen's problems opened by the association, about the napkins will be a lot of questions: Are napkin wrapped food directly? Can you rub chopsticks? Are children more vulnerable to low-quality paper napkin harm? With the problem, money newspaper reporter found the Zhejiang hospital quality test engineers Zouyu Hui.

Zou Chan engineers still quite cautious and studious support quite agree.

● out of paper rolls and testing standards and testing focus is different:

"Roll out of paper and tissue are. But generally speaking, belong toilet paper rolls, while pumping paper is paper towel, so the two of testing standards is a difference." 邹宇辉 said, the total number of bacterial colonies, coliform group, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and other microbial indicators most attention, and these are also rolls out of paper in the assay must do the project. Detect different emphases, there are many, such as the total number of bacterial colonies on the paper towel (out of paper) requirements are more stringent; quantitative, brightness (whiteness), lateral aspiration height, tensile strength, flexibility, holes, dust of these indicators, there are different standards.

. "For the fluorescent agent, brightener testing standards are different, and these indicators are directly related to health," he said 邹宇辉, toilet paper made from recycled paper as a raw material allowed, some manufacturers in the production process will use fluorescent whitening agents, and; The paper towel does not allow the use of recycled paper processing, you must use wood pulp, raw pulp and paper production, so fluorescent agents and brighteners in many cases will be the pros and cons of important tissue quality criteria.

● Roll Cazui does increase the chances of disease from the mouth:

Money newspaper reporter also learned from the Provincial People's Hospital, with a roll Cazui may increase the chance of disease from the mouth - which could inhale harmful dust, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, cause respiratory irritation causing enteritis, typhoid, dysentery and other diseases, and may even carry the hepatitis virus.

Since they find experts, by the way come to learn other knowledge learn paper towels.

● Use paper towels, Zou Yuhui given a lot suggestions:

Unless all the family are senior brand paper towels, or we need to use classification, out of paper to wipe your mouth, it is only in the bathroom with a roll; Whatever the towel, not recommended for direct consumption of food parcels; a paper towel chopsticks not particularly pay attention to hygiene behavior - many times, napkins you use in small restaurants are poor, using it to wipe the chopsticks will be more "dirty" more dangerous, not as good as the direct effect of flushing with tap water; napkins are disposable, and toilet paper made from recycled paper more. As the use of toilet paper napkin, it may be infected with bacteria.

● learn a little of how good or bad with the naked eye to judge a paper towel, "vision":

Can I look at the product packaging materials are indicated raw wood pulp, whether or marked as "toilet paper." You can also feel, dusting and flexibility three judges, good towels, feel good, more supple, less powder out, and to some extent can stretch without breaking.