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Roll of toilet paper into the tissue paper machine quality of the people touchstone
Suddenly three urgent in the street, but forgot to bring toilet paper, you can not call their friends and relatives to send over, right? To address this predicament, Tianhe District, the region's 116 public toilets equipped with hand soap and toilet paper. But the reporter interviewed found that another predicament after another:  tissue paper machine the toilet paper is the entire volume "smooth" walk, even someone once smoked meters of toilet paper next ...... a lot of people say that the degree of civilization of a city, not in the library, in toilets. This small cheap or waste or rub behavior, so many people worried that this free resource to bring the convenience for how long?
tissue paper machine
116 toilets provided free toilet paper

Recently, the Milky Way for the region's 116 public toilets equipped with hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other hygiene products, 40 public toilets equipped with a blower, basically solved the smelly, wet, net issues. Reporters visited the center more than a dozen toilets Tianhe District, in addition to a village is a toilet, the basic are equipped with hand soap and toilet paper.

Wherein Sports West side streets toilets, toilet door have a blower is in operation, the men's room floor dry and clean. On the wall next to the sink, on the wall hung stainless steel reel spool and hand sanitizer bottles. Among them, the reel spool has been locked to prevent removal of the entire volume.

"The streets will not necessarily bring toilet paper, to public toilets would buy a pack, now every public toilet equipped with toilet paper, a lot easier on the toilet." For the new configuration of public toilets, the respondents all appreciated.

Many rolls are smooth away or wasted

However, to enjoy the free resources of the public Zhang said, "so toilet paper hanging on the wall, do not worry about it being stolen?"

His concerns are not unfounded. When reporters visited found that in addition to normal use, abuse, or waste toilet paper is not uncommon. In Henan days, members of the village, the community and other places of public toilets, the reporter saw the toilet paper was used to polish shoes, rub the stain, it was also a drawing of toilet paper over one meter long, and even toilet paper in the pocket hides away .

These acts, directly increases the consumption of toilet paper. There are public toilets cleaning staff told reporters, initially equipped with toilet paper when consumption is relatively large, had tried a day spent 10 rolls, "then barreled rolls on hand-washing and toilet cubicles in the station wall, it was often the entire volume toilet paper away. "

At the beginning of a pilot street, the relevant leaders also confirmed that the jurisdiction of a toilet up to a day took 15 rolls of toilet paper.

Roll locked and put cleaning staff in sight

Responsible member of the village, said a public toilet cleaner, Tianhe District, public toilets with toilet paper and hand sanitizer wipes have three all around, a large consumption beginning, now the situation has been relatively stable, a month down the toilet takes about 150 rolls of toilet paper, one has ten cubicles in public toilets, toilet paper consumed per day to about 5 to 7 volumes, "In the beginning some people really take a whole roll of paper on the toilet when the toilet paper Gerry, can not be monitored and later changed to the reel spool located in washbasin wall, also on the lock, consumption would come down, we will from time to time to check the remaining cases of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. "

To reduce waste, Tianhe District Urban Management  tissue paper machine Bureau to take a number of measures, such as requiring public toilets cleaner immediately when found discourage waste, provided prompt card to remind saving paper, water, etc. In addition, stainless steel coil cartons were locked, and installed in the cabinet door is closed, is located in public toilets cleaner sight.