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Roadside selling cheap counterfeit designer toilet paper tissue paper machine are mostly long-term health hazards
China Jiangsu Network Sept. 27 hearing, "breeze", "Lamps", "Liu Yan" and other brand names are common household toilet paper on the Hong Kong City market, however, there are always some people the name of "fire sale" "factory direct" banner in the street selling, do regular supermarket price of fifteen or twenty dollar toilet paper is "deceptive money" it? Quite the contrary! These cheap "brand name" toilet paper,  tissue paper machine  many of them are counterfeit products. They use raw materials from the scrap yards recycled waste paper press, added crushed into a very fine paper through the machine after the pulp is processed into toilet paper, containing harmful substances, may make the user get a variety of diseases, even cancer. Differential toilet paper cause skin allergies
 tissue paper machine
Recently, the sea state consumer Ms. Lee to the business sector to reflect, she recently saw in the street hawkers selling "breeze", "Lamps" and other name brand toilet paper, packaging looks and supermarkets sell the same, the price is a lot cheaper , do not hesitate to buy a few packs to go home. Unexpectedly open after the discovery, the toilet paper and not by the use of more holes, said something a little harder, it will break the dregs. The most harmful is the home of the child after using these papers, butt skin allergies play a lot of small pimple.

In fact, a lot of careful consumers will find the streets, even in the vegetable market on the edge, there will be vendors selling cheap brand of toilet paper. Consumers Ms. Sun reflected recently saw several vendors from selling "breeze" brand toilet paper near Daqing Road, two packets of 20 yuan, 35 yuan four packages. Such a cheap price attracted many passers-by stopped to buy. Ms. Sun has doubts about why the supermarket designer toilet paper less fifteen or sixteen dollars a pack, where it so cheap? In this regard, traders say, these papers are factory direct, low-cost sale, of course, cheaper, but the paper is guaranteed.

Think to buy this paper do not fly, Ms. Sun eventually left empty-handed.

"This on the right." Haizhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officials said the roadside stalls selling cheap designer toilet paper, most are fakes.

It is reported that this year, only the sea state industry and commerce departments seized more than fake designer toilet paper cases temporarily confiscated more than 300 packages.

Fake brand-name from "black factory"

The business sector, said the fake brand toilet paper are underground "black factory" production, quality standard is not that also contain harmful substances that may make users have a variety of diseases, even cancer.

This is not sensational. It is reported that counterfeit and poor quality toilet paper is mostly recycled toilet paper, scrap books, rotten ball of paper, paper with bleach stains from residual lead, cadmium and other harmful substances. Some looks white toilet paper, actually the fluorescent whitening agent is added in the production process, a fluorescent whitening agent once inside the body is not easily decomposed,  tissue paper machine toxins accumulate in the liver or other vital organs, has become carcinogens.

Therefore, to remind consumers, if we find toilet paper appears dregs, a pungent smell special white or color, etc., remember not to use.

In addition, many people like to use toilet paper to wipe your mouth, in fact, this is not desirable. If long-term use of the toilet paper when napkin, ranging from skin irritation, cause skin irritation, weight is caused different diseases, as toilet paper may be subject to bacterial infections, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and may even carry the hepatitis virus.

Industrial and Commercial teach you buy toilet paper

First, do not seek cheaper purchase price is significantly cheaper than the supermarket cheap toilet paper, so the paper is likely to be low-grade paper, not just its use of raw materials can not be guaranteed, but most did not undergo strict disinfection, bacteria levels.

Secondly, in the purchase of toilet paper, should be preferred to the supermarket or other regular business, and pay attention to see if health permits indicated on toilet paper and other packaging. Depends on the paper's color, pure wood pulp paper because there are no additives, color should be natural ivory, the texture is relatively uniform. Of course, it depends on the shelf life of the majority of poor-quality toilet paper not marked shelf life.

Finally, a reminder that the rough and hard toilet paper,  tissue paper machine without packaging and sterilization of bulk packages of toilet paper also try not to buy.