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Restaurants with paper towels made traced phosphor-containing McDonald tissue paper machine Yoshinoya and other in the column
Recently, the Beijing News reporter gathered from Beijing 10 large and small restaurant napkins they provide, experts test found only two restaurants offer napkins completely non-fluorescent.
tissue paper machine
Samples provided to reporters, the Secretary-General Dong  tissue paper machine Jinshi International Food Packaging Association made a three experiments were found to contain a certain number of restaurant napkins phosphor area, some napkins color black burned, less fiber content, which may be doped with impurities The "paper" is made. The restaurant has both well-known restaurants and fast food shops, but also ordinary small restaurants, including McDonald's, KFC, Yoshinoya, Chongqing and other rural people.

Cost savings are the main factors factory with waste paper. Dong Jinshi, such as the use of paper napkins made, the price of 1,500 yuan per ton, with a pure straw is 2500 yuan per ton, while pure wood pulp prices have nearly 5,000 yuan. After producers manufacture waste paper napkins, usually plus talc, calcium carbonate, and some will use fluorescent whitening agents, and enough weight so that looks good and will sell.

City of Industry, tips that can make paper white fluorescent whitening agent, there is not a unified understanding of the harm, the standard specifies the napkin should not have to migrate optical brighteners, fluorescent agents to prevent the transfer to humans.

Dong Jinshi reminded that buy on a napkin marked emphasis tissue paper machine  depends on whether the package is "100% virgin wood pulp." In the restaurant, Taibai or too dark, smell taste, shake up hair loss, to the light to see "leaky eye" and more napkins, try not to use all the best.