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Private parts carefully tissue paper machine wipe with tissues of skin allergies
Many female friends have been there such a wrong practice, it is often using tissues to wipe their private parts, although this approach is very efficient but in recent experts regard after an investigation found that, tissue paper machine  using tissues to wipe this behavior is very easily lead to the private part Skin allergies Why is this?

Wipe with tissues prone to skin allergies privates
tissue paper machine
There "skin and face or any other body parts of the skin texture is different, so use the private part of the paper can not be free, just like you often expensive skin care products again does not apply to" the "places, not expensive sure is good!

Facial tissues and toilet paper comparison, is certainly a good facial tissue, facial tissue but does not apply to private parts. Why is this? Because, comparatively speaking, facial tissue paper requirement is higher, it may not be clear that the use of recycled waste paper, so prices are high, but there is no clear provision for additives.

In order to make tissues feel good, the water is not easy to break, which was added wet strength agents, softeners, as well as optical brighteners, agents, paper dust, smell like chemicals, but there is no toilet paper in these additives. Tissues to wipe her face towel no problem, but if used to wipe the female private parts when the toilet paper, it is likely to cause skin irritation.

Some people may ask, will also appear when you use sanitary napkins allergy, such is not the reason experts say:? Use of sanitary napkins allergy may be several reasons, one is itself sensitive skin, a lot of dry net surface of sanitary napkins net surface fibers are some people may be allergic to.

Another is the napkin itself does not meet the standards,tissue paper machine reach health requirements. In addition, some sanitary napkins add a drug component, it may be drug-induced allergies.

So I read the above description, some of the private parts using tissues to wipe friends do not do it again, no matter how expensive your tissues. In particular, some itself is relatively easy to skin allergies friend, for some life tips easily lead to allergies do more in-depth solution.