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Print is being replaced by E-ink
 Recently, according to the latest data released by research firm Nielsen Book shows since 2009, the paper book sales has been declining, and its sales have declined by more than 150 million pounds. As more and more readers start reading e-books, e-books began to erode the traditional publishing market step by step.
The new data show that the British paper book sales have declined for five consecutive years. In 2014, for example, a paper book sales fell 1.3 percent to 1.39 billion pounds. In each category of book sales, sales fell the most obvious fiction, 2014 sales fell by 5.3 percent, with sales of 321.3 million pounds. In 2009, sales of the paper version of the novel was 476 million pounds.
Bestseller editor Philip Jones said in an interview, said: "e-book has been tightly caught novel business opportunities of the market, the paper version of the sales goes to the digital version of the novel books we estimate the market value of e-books will reach 3.5. one hundred million pounds, of which the largest share will come from the e-book of fiction. "
However, short stories, novels and western fiction picture books instead presents three adverse economic growth. Jones said: "Now booksellers to put books on the shelves very cautious if a novel is no way to sell this business twenty thousand, booksellers have had to change the point of other books out there recently, we found. more and more on the shelf position is used to display an image of the novel, booksellers were also found readers are willing to buy the paper version of the image is fiction. I think that in the future, the past, we may ignore the kind of books occupy a paper book market central location. "
Insiders also pointed out that high-quality literary fiction or in paper-based publishing. 2014 champion Nelson book sales list is a youth novel - John Green's "Star Games in the wrong." The novel has sold 633,000, creating a £ 3.4 million in revenue. And Dan Brown's new work "Hell" is sold 340,000.
Pressing harder and harder in today's e-book, non-fiction books can not avoid the sales decline. 2014, such a paper book sales declined by 4 percent to 580 million pounds, and in 2009, book sales in this category was 730 million pounds.
However, in the dark among the children's book sales has become a bright spot in 2014, its sales increased by 9.1%, with sales of 336 million pounds, adolescents nonfiction book sales increased by 35.8%. In the industry view, children's book sales potential is huge, which makes traditional publishers see a glimmer of hope. Jones said: "If commercial fiction have embarked on a digitized road, then the booksellers who will put children's books on the shelf because although parents have become accustomed to reading the electronic version of the book, however, in the education of children, but they are becoming. conservative - they want the kids to read a paper book. "